Sunday, July 15, 2018

POTP Abominus

Hun-Grr finally showed up at the local TRU so i finally get to build this guy!

I've been putting off buying the G1 version and now that i have this there's even less reason for me to pick it up. Highly accurate in its homage, the POTP version makes for a great modern replacement. From the individual beast modes, the colors and the combined form, its hard to nitpick the design choices that has kept any deviation from the original to a minimum.

The torso mode is prolly the best amongst the Combiner Wars mold, in terms of accuracy to the G1 version, with minimal kibble and all the tabs locking in place. The mode that suffers the most is the individual beast mode - the fore legs are really dinky compared to the rear legs - but even then the beast heads are really expressive with articulated jaws and range of movement of the neck, so i'm just nitpicking at this point. POTP has been great so far - and i still have Optimus Primal and the Predacons to look forward to.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

POTP Optimus, Rodimus and Terrorcons

POTP Optimus, Rodimus

For POTP Hasbro introduced a new concept for the leader class. The toys consist of a voyager sized robot - a Matrix holder - that can combine with the trailer portion of the alt mode into a bigger robot. In Prime's case the smaller robot is Orion Pax - a much accurate version to the cartoon compared to the one we got in the Generations line - and for Rodimus the smaller robot is Hot Rod.

Rodimus has the better alt mode where Primes truck mode has gaps and kibble, although Prime's transformation is a lot more intuitive while Rodimus has a bit more tabs and folding panels. In robot mode Prime is the better toy, where Rodimus has a large backpack that makes him trickier to balance and he also has weird shoulder joints that limit range of movement.

Despite the nitpicks they look great, have a nice heft to them and the gimmick is pretty cool.


The rest of the Terrorcon limbs turned up...but no Hun-Grr. So these guys stay in beast modes for the time being. Of the 3 i think Sinnertwin turned out the best. Blot is my personal fave but he's curiously missing jaw articulation (due to cost cutting, maybe?). Cutthroats alright despite the weird proportions but on mine the beast head tends to pop off easily. I've always loved the color scheme on these guys and never had them as a kid so i'm looking forward to combining them into Abominus.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Toy Retrospective: Masters of the Universe

I buy the occasional art book and recently picked up The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, here's an online review with sample pages:

...and I'm reminded what a great toyline it was - even though i don't keep up nor collect the modern stuff. My brothers and I were pretty big on MOTU (besides Transformers) and its not hard to see why - it was great blend of sci-fi and adventure, mixing action, magic and monsters which translated to some terrific toy designs and helped defined the term 'action figure' in categorizing toys for boys.

Between my brothers and I we had a handful of the figures:
  • Clawful - Crustacean themed baddie with crab-like claw gimmick.
  • Extendar - He's like Mister Fantastic, but wearing a kinight's armor.
  • He-Man - He's buff and he's blonde and he's got a badass sword.
  • King Hiss - I never got Skeletor so he played the role of leader for the bad guys. His upper body was a shell which revealed a 3 headed snake.
  • Leech - Bad guy with suction cup for a mouth. The jokes write themselves.
  • Mantenna - Bad guy with eye popping gimmick.
  • Multi-Bot - Bad guy with interchangeable body parts gimmick.
  • Fuckin' Orko - Orko's toy had a ripcord gimmick that makes him roll.
  • Rio Blast - My fave toy from the line. Mustachioed cowboy with guns. Lots of guns.
  • Roboto - My second fave toy. Interchangeable hand with working internal gears when you turn his torso.
  • Stinkor - His gimmick is that he literally stinks.
  • Sy-Klone - He spins when you thumb a wheel in his belt.
We also had 2 vehicles:
  • Jet Sled - works as both jet pack and flying sled.
  • Laser Bolt - a sled that springs up in attack mode.
And the line probably has the most coveted and recognizable playset of toys from that era: Castle Grayskull.

While i personally rate the Transformers, MASK and Starcom as my fave toylines, MOTU remains a big influence in how it captured the imagination and fantasy of kids from my generation, with some truly memorable characters and designs.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Lego Ideas Tron Legacy

It faired just okay back in 2010, but i really liked the movie Tron Legacy. I actually like it more than the original movie - it had a great father-son story and introduced me to Ducati's SC1000 - which got me (back) into riding. I thought the movie designs were just okay, but like Ghostbusters and Back To The Future, its nice to have movie merch in brick form when your a Lego fan.

Its a relatively small and inexpensive set, with 2 vehicles and 3 figures - Sam, Tron and Quorra thrown in for good measure. The bikes are identical so you can build both bikes at the same time, with variations only in the blue and orange highlights/accent pieces. You get a neat base too, which works as a display for both cycle arena and disk fight duel.

I don't know what they've got shortlisted for the next Lego Ideas movie set, but here's hoping its the spinner from Bladerunner - either Deckard's or K's would be cool.

MOC by Legohaulic

MOC by Carter Baldwin

Monday, April 02, 2018

April 2018: POTP Wave 2, TR Seaspray


While completing new versions of the Dinobots is a big deal (we last got only 3 of 'em in TFA), i was looking forward to these guys:

Can't for the life of me remember what they're individually called (Battleslash? Roadtrap?) but the combined form really impressed from preview pics - looks like it was a 3P toy. I actually owned the G1 toy as a kid, which i thought had a lame gimmick - so its a surprise they pull off a modern version which turns out to be really cool.

Leg kibble and backpack in combined mode is a bit too fiddly, and the truck and chopper doesn't combine in vehicle mode, but this figure is done really well despite being a 3rd tier character.


Snarl and Sludge finally get modern versions. While TFA saw stylized versions of Grimlock, Swoop and Slag, this is the 1st time we've got all 5 Dinobots together in a modern line. Actually, we did get 5 Dinobots with the toys from the 4th live action movie, but this version being a direct reference, is more faithful to the G1 version.


Dreadwind's gets his buddy, and we get the 1st member of the Terrorcons. Candygram!


Catching up with Titans Return, found Seaspray (glub glub) on a work trip.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Catching Up with Titans Return

Took advantage of CNY sale and bought these guys on discount to catch up on TR:


I really dig this scale thats between scout and deluxe. Brawn is alright but Roadburn gives us the rare combo of rare character and mustachioed robit!


Look at this big boy.

Truth be told i haven't mess with him besides posing for this pic, but man, this is a big chunky dino robit.

And Full Tilt on his own is pretty nice too. He looks boring at a glance with that all purple deco, but it really is a nice shade of purple.

Force of Destiny Chewbacca

After giving up on getting him locally i finally bought this from ebay - the toy i was most looking forward to in recent months - and yes, its a doll from a girl's line.

The fact that its furry is a big selling point for me, and the separate, sculpted face - terrible in pictures - fares better in person.

Also, now my Indiana Jones doll (by Hasbro, from when Crystal Skull came out) has a sidekick!

I was surprised they scaled well together considering the FoD line is marketed as 11" scale and Indy is supposed to be 12".

Besides being furry, Chewie also comes with another gimmick that i love in toys: sound effects! So i can goof around and do this: