Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i has a fanfic

i don't try to write much, fiction/creative writing that is, in that i think i suck at it. you're probably thinking, nah, you can't be that bad...wanna bet?

cowboy prime: a western TF fanfic

"a desert. a vulture circles around the remains of beast of burden formerly known as cow. the rock outcrops afar shimmer in the blistering heat. a tumbleweed rolls by. tumble. tumble tumble tumble. tumble. the vulture screeches. a lone figure appears in the horizon striding a... semi trailer? the silhouette looms larger as it approaches the carcass. slowly, but surely..."

read the rest of part 1: intro

"...one building caught his optics in particular; a few micromaster mobile bases (and a deluxe pretender vehicle shell) was parked in front of it with a large sign hanging over the entrance - "BAR". as the big red and blue robot steer the trailer towards it, a staccatto of gunfire ring from inside the bar. the trailer halts in its tracks. unperturbed, the big red and blue robot snaps the reign, gesturing the trailer to continue on its way. the big red and blue robot had just dismounted and was about to park his trailer when a loud crash came from behind him, as a blue, six-wheeled scout vehicle flew through the bar front window and landed with a splash in the oil feeder (for parked transport vehicles). the big red and blue robot raises an optic brow, and addresses the trailer. "roller." the big red and blue robot sighs as the trailer rolls its eyes (which is remarkable in itself since its head is comprised of a cockpit which has no eyes, much less pupils)..."

read the rest of part 2: roller

"You boys must be the welcoming committee, I reckon", drawled Big Red and Blue, cocking his hat. "You could say that", the red and light blue robot annoyingly quipped. "We're usually quite the friendly bunch...but we don't take kindly to strangers. Especially ones who send in nosy reconnaissance drones." "Drone? You mean li'l ol' roller here?" Big Red and Blue retorted mockingly. "Didja hear that Roller? They called you a drone." Blue rover whined a long, deep whistle in mock dejection (Amongst respectable folks, drone is somewhat of a euphemism around these parts. Some say it's almost as bad as calling somebody a Gobot). "Tsk, tsk," sighed Big Red and Blue. "I do believe you folks hurt my friend's here feeling. We don't want to impose so we'll be on our way...just as soon as y'all apologize to li'l ol' Roller here."

read the rest of part 3: starscream

i did get some neato fanart out of it: WIN art + FAIL fic = DRAW

Monday, September 29, 2008

ambassador of destruction

that may be the most awesomest TF robot function EVAR. I mean, seriously... why overlord, you smell like success, what do you do? oh, I'm an ambassador... of destruction! ferrero rocher?

I'm generally not into japanese TFs, but when I was deep into basebots, overlord really piqued my interest /srs cat. trypticon and scorponok are more popular characters but unlike those guys, who have to include a third mode and thusly compromised, overlord has the most practical/playable base mode. and while duocon-type combiners are generally lame, this guy kicks ass in all modes. just look at the plane guy: he's as big as frickin jetfire.

I guess his only cons (ba dum cha!) are he's a partsformer and the Japanese bio for powermasters is kinda lame (double suicide couple? yeesh) but on its own, overlord is a fantastic toy.

a friend let me took pics of his euro version. dude teased me a couple'a times about selling it to me before I got my jpn version... I still want that box tho, baaaaawww :(

cheesecake? in my TF?!!

you'd think the subject of cheesecake might be the furthest thing that comes up when discussing TF.

WRONG! /spacey

despite the sparse opportunities it presents, still find things about TF that i manage to cheesecake...ify? misplaced persistence: i has it. it could be worse. i could be prominently drawing robo-boobs. ugh.

charlene from the g1 comics...you know what? after posting this i'm surprised i haven't tried to draw carly, chick from fire in the sky and chick who loved powerglide. cheesecake sense tingling!... oh god, alien chick with the jones for squatty robots with speech impediment! a reason to draw seaspray finally! glub, glub.

because the fangirls luuuuurve starscream. WHY? :|

sari and professor princess from animated. mmm, jailbait...D'OH!

a sig art i did for a dudette at a board/forum.

the logical next step to KISS play TFs...what? its been cancelled?!! :( :( :(

when i grow up... i wanna be a fembot.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the citybot who could

did i tell you guys how much i love WSTs?

i LOVE world smallest TFs.

so much so, that i buy basebots to complement them, not the other way around.

i always thought metroplex looked undersize for a basebot. sure the minibots and combiner guys fit with him, but i dunno. keenly trained scenes from my architectural background just can't get over how disproportionate his building parts are to the general populace of metroplex: autobot city.

WSTs meanwhile, are a PERFECT fit.

gamma radiation, magical cleavage window, furry bikinis, OH MY

i got back into comics around the same time i got serious about collecting. i was focusing on TF titles and the odd adult-themed (read: non-costume) series but i got over the whole spandex stigma and actually found the genre fun again.

something i never would've bought back as a kid were superheroine titles. there's a lot of post-modernism (post-post?) in comic writing these days, and in some way female characters have become more interesting to tell stories about; i think it's the whole buffy TV series fallout. anyways, 2 of my fave superchicks are she-hulk and power girl. i always thought they were bland in the 80s but they've been updated to be more spunky/in your face. not actually going for the feminist agenda, but not just eye candy either.

here's some eye candy.

i also got into the pulp genre (crime, horror, etc.) and picked up titles like shanna the she-devil. frank cho was drawing it. SOLD. this is not really shanna, but i just thought i'd have a go at the whole jungle chick in loin cloth dealie-o.

ode to motor(ized)

i think one of the things that i miss about modern TFs are the motorized toys. these days that gimmick is associated mostly with another tomy brand, zoids, but back in the day, TFs had quite a few neat toys utilizing the gimmick.

i've always wanted omega supreme. not so much for the gimmick, but because he was one of the underused yet cool characters. so the day i got him, while i was generally underwhelmed by the toy - too many parts, brick-ish bot mode - i was pleasantly surprised by the fun-ness of the motorized feature. i must've cackled a good minute as the tank dude wheeled along the track circling the rocket dude: there was just something about motorized toys that tapped into the primordial psyche of our inner 8-year old kid.

so next thing i know i was hunting down trypticon (which i always considered cool) and sky lynx (which i always considered goofy): one of these days i should do the obligatory 3-way foot race. you know there'll be no winner because it'll be just like the specialympics.


i love pixar's cars. like, i really, really love cars. like, really. i think its due to the stuff about revitalization of traditional values, about having a conscience; basically all that hippie nonsense.

so anyways, this is what happens when a guy who loves TFs, also loves cars, has mad drawing skillz... and also some play-doh.

Friday, September 26, 2008

2' tall of plastic goodness

I'm not a big fan of post-movie (1986, natch) TF designs. So despite being a holy grail amongst collectors, fort max was kinda meh to me.

Until I stumbled upon unicron.com's FM page.

Then I was like, OMG, wants. I like lil bots, I'm very much into WSTs, and FM is the ultimate platform amongst the basebots in showcasing the variety in scales of TF toys. So after some passive-aggresive hunting, I stumbled across one over at SG yahoo. it was less than perfect, but it was complete and had a decent price tag (the advantage of dealing with a seller who's much more content at already owning grand max too). I actually had to go down to Singapore for the transaction, even had a blunder to start the trip by mixing up the seller's number, but before you know it, there I was on the bus back to JB with 2' tall kids toy in my lap. Awkward XD