Friday, September 26, 2008

2' tall of plastic goodness

I'm not a big fan of post-movie (1986, natch) TF designs. So despite being a holy grail amongst collectors, fort max was kinda meh to me.

Until I stumbled upon's FM page.

Then I was like, OMG, wants. I like lil bots, I'm very much into WSTs, and FM is the ultimate platform amongst the basebots in showcasing the variety in scales of TF toys. So after some passive-aggresive hunting, I stumbled across one over at SG yahoo. it was less than perfect, but it was complete and had a decent price tag (the advantage of dealing with a seller who's much more content at already owning grand max too). I actually had to go down to Singapore for the transaction, even had a blunder to start the trip by mixing up the seller's number, but before you know it, there I was on the bus back to JB with 2' tall kids toy in my lap. Awkward XD

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