Wednesday, September 24, 2008

after five years...

...only now i'm making an actual post. geez. i was actually uploading stuff for wifey's design blog and i was like, hmm, i should really do my own blog... oh wait. I ALREADY HAVE ONE FROM FIVE YEARS AGO. d'oh. so here's some things about me:

I collect... stuff. I've always bought the odd collectible, here and there since uni (i gave away toys quite late in the game, at 14) but i seriously collected toys after sw: attack of the clones in... 2002? after picking up a copy of toyfare with a '25 must have SW toys' feature. these days i collect transformers but i still have a soft spot for the SW franchise.

I also draw fanart. you can check out my stuff at deviantart. i mean, i've always been able to draw, but this guy in particular really turned me on to fanart. his drawings are not just pretty pictures (dude's polished, has had his stuff used by hasbro) but they actually have narrative quality; check it out, you'll see what i mean.

i love basketball. i mean, like really. my game's like john stockton except the fact i'm a chucker and don't pass very much. just give me a pair of short shorts and it's on. online, i usually get my hit from slam online.

besides the above, you'll see me posting on stuff in general; entertainment, music, design/architecture, current events/issues, stuff happening in my life...*cricket sounds*

so, yeah! check up on me and drop me a line, 'k? holla!

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