Monday, September 29, 2008

ambassador of destruction

that may be the most awesomest TF robot function EVAR. I mean, seriously... why overlord, you smell like success, what do you do? oh, I'm an ambassador... of destruction! ferrero rocher?

I'm generally not into japanese TFs, but when I was deep into basebots, overlord really piqued my interest /srs cat. trypticon and scorponok are more popular characters but unlike those guys, who have to include a third mode and thusly compromised, overlord has the most practical/playable base mode. and while duocon-type combiners are generally lame, this guy kicks ass in all modes. just look at the plane guy: he's as big as frickin jetfire.

I guess his only cons (ba dum cha!) are he's a partsformer and the Japanese bio for powermasters is kinda lame (double suicide couple? yeesh) but on its own, overlord is a fantastic toy.

a friend let me took pics of his euro version. dude teased me a couple'a times about selling it to me before I got my jpn version... I still want that box tho, baaaaawww :(

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