Monday, September 29, 2008

cheesecake? in my TF?!!

you'd think the subject of cheesecake might be the furthest thing that comes up when discussing TF.

WRONG! /spacey

despite the sparse opportunities it presents, still find things about TF that i manage to cheesecake...ify? misplaced persistence: i has it. it could be worse. i could be prominently drawing robo-boobs. ugh.

charlene from the g1 know what? after posting this i'm surprised i haven't tried to draw carly, chick from fire in the sky and chick who loved powerglide. cheesecake sense tingling!... oh god, alien chick with the jones for squatty robots with speech impediment! a reason to draw seaspray finally! glub, glub.

because the fangirls luuuuurve starscream. WHY? :|

sari and professor princess from animated. mmm, jailbait...D'OH!

a sig art i did for a dudette at a board/forum.

the logical next step to KISS play TFs...what? its been cancelled?!! :( :( :(

when i grow up... i wanna be a fembot.

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