Saturday, September 27, 2008

gamma radiation, magical cleavage window, furry bikinis, OH MY

i got back into comics around the same time i got serious about collecting. i was focusing on TF titles and the odd adult-themed (read: non-costume) series but i got over the whole spandex stigma and actually found the genre fun again.

something i never would've bought back as a kid were superheroine titles. there's a lot of post-modernism (post-post?) in comic writing these days, and in some way female characters have become more interesting to tell stories about; i think it's the whole buffy TV series fallout. anyways, 2 of my fave superchicks are she-hulk and power girl. i always thought they were bland in the 80s but they've been updated to be more spunky/in your face. not actually going for the feminist agenda, but not just eye candy either.

here's some eye candy.

i also got into the pulp genre (crime, horror, etc.) and picked up titles like shanna the she-devil. frank cho was drawing it. SOLD. this is not really shanna, but i just thought i'd have a go at the whole jungle chick in loin cloth dealie-o.

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