Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GI joe cheesecake pinups

if there's one thing i love more than drawing robots, its drawing babes. they're fun to draw and drawing feminine proportions and curves is hella tough, so its always an artistic challenge.

also, bewbs.

so awhile back i set out to do these monthly pinups ala those whatchamacallit, aircraft art chicks painted on WWII bombers but it never panned out to a set for 12 months. furthermore, i lost a few of the PSD files to a hard drive crash. argh. still, it was a nice exercise in homage of one of my fave artist: adam hughes aka AH! i discovered this guy in the pages of those kooky JLA comics back in the day and he knows how to draw the female form. i'd even rate him higher than the more highly-touted frank cho.

why the crossover with TFs? well, TF has a history of crossbranding with GI joe and i thought the whole hard metal/soft flesh contrast was a novel idea/concept for a crossover.

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