Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i <3 SW vehicles

back in the 80's, i had few SW action figures, much less any of the vehicles, which to me were the real stars of star wars. being a fan of han and chewie i loved the falcon and of course, its baddie counterpart, fett's slave 1. when i grew up, i'd read up on SW's behind the scenes guys and found out they were designed joe johnston (i'm also a fan of the sound guy, ben burtt). along with the likes of mcquarrie, it was really an eye opener on how big a creative collaborative it was. i get stoked over this kinda stuff.

anyways, the 2nd best thing back then to the full scale vehicles were these smaller version made of die-cast, where they had this battle damaged gimmick at the push of a button. when the SEs came out in the 90s, the action fleet line was launched (along with collector fleet featuring the larger vessels) and i loved the scale of these things. they're detail enough without taking too much space and the mini figures were a bonus. i bought an at-at back then and when i discovered the secondary market post-AOTC, really got into collecting them. they were also reissued in saga packaging but sans mini figures. bummer, but it did give me a chance to fill in some gaps in my collection.

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