Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i has a fanfic

i don't try to write much, fiction/creative writing that is, in that i think i suck at it. you're probably thinking, nah, you can't be that bad...wanna bet?

cowboy prime: a western TF fanfic

"a desert. a vulture circles around the remains of beast of burden formerly known as cow. the rock outcrops afar shimmer in the blistering heat. a tumbleweed rolls by. tumble. tumble tumble tumble. tumble. the vulture screeches. a lone figure appears in the horizon striding a... semi trailer? the silhouette looms larger as it approaches the carcass. slowly, but surely..."

read the rest of part 1: intro

"...one building caught his optics in particular; a few micromaster mobile bases (and a deluxe pretender vehicle shell) was parked in front of it with a large sign hanging over the entrance - "BAR". as the big red and blue robot steer the trailer towards it, a staccatto of gunfire ring from inside the bar. the trailer halts in its tracks. unperturbed, the big red and blue robot snaps the reign, gesturing the trailer to continue on its way. the big red and blue robot had just dismounted and was about to park his trailer when a loud crash came from behind him, as a blue, six-wheeled scout vehicle flew through the bar front window and landed with a splash in the oil feeder (for parked transport vehicles). the big red and blue robot raises an optic brow, and addresses the trailer. "roller." the big red and blue robot sighs as the trailer rolls its eyes (which is remarkable in itself since its head is comprised of a cockpit which has no eyes, much less pupils)..."

read the rest of part 2: roller

"You boys must be the welcoming committee, I reckon", drawled Big Red and Blue, cocking his hat. "You could say that", the red and light blue robot annoyingly quipped. "We're usually quite the friendly bunch...but we don't take kindly to strangers. Especially ones who send in nosy reconnaissance drones." "Drone? You mean li'l ol' roller here?" Big Red and Blue retorted mockingly. "Didja hear that Roller? They called you a drone." Blue rover whined a long, deep whistle in mock dejection (Amongst respectable folks, drone is somewhat of a euphemism around these parts. Some say it's almost as bad as calling somebody a Gobot). "Tsk, tsk," sighed Big Red and Blue. "I do believe you folks hurt my friend's here feeling. We don't want to impose so we'll be on our way...just as soon as y'all apologize to li'l ol' Roller here."

read the rest of part 3: starscream

i did get some neato fanart out of it: WIN art + FAIL fic = DRAW

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