Saturday, September 27, 2008

ode to motor(ized)

i think one of the things that i miss about modern TFs are the motorized toys. these days that gimmick is associated mostly with another tomy brand, zoids, but back in the day, TFs had quite a few neat toys utilizing the gimmick.

i've always wanted omega supreme. not so much for the gimmick, but because he was one of the underused yet cool characters. so the day i got him, while i was generally underwhelmed by the toy - too many parts, brick-ish bot mode - i was pleasantly surprised by the fun-ness of the motorized feature. i must've cackled a good minute as the tank dude wheeled along the track circling the rocket dude: there was just something about motorized toys that tapped into the primordial psyche of our inner 8-year old kid.

so next thing i know i was hunting down trypticon (which i always considered cool) and sky lynx (which i always considered goofy): one of these days i should do the obligatory 3-way foot race. you know there'll be no winner because it'll be just like the specialympics.

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