Tuesday, October 07, 2008

faction: artistbot, function: satirist

the bulk of my artwork has been - unsurprising based on my irreverent outlook towards things in general, even more so towards something as trivial and silly as adult collecting childrens toys - spoofs/parodies and humour-related. the subject varies from pop culture reference (the peanuts and calvin & hobbes ones were some of my earliest works), situations based on cartoon/comic canon (like the jenga one with devy, hoist and grapple) and of course, good ol' plain crazy/weird/randomness (toaster soundwave, pretender bakery).

with the emphasis of the art on the content rather than technique, I've developed a personal style that espouse speed while maintaining a degree of presentability - which in plain english translates to I draw 'em fast but try to make sure they still look good, durr. I almost have to; if I have to spend time on it for more than 2 days, 3 days tops, I start losing interest. its less to do with me having a short attention span and more to do with me finding that funny idea I had 3 days ago lame in retrospect, in part due to declining sense of spontaneity - which in plain english goes something like, that idea I had 3 days ago ain't so funny now when I think about it, durr.

enough with the rhetoric, I make with the funny now, yes?

the wilson car bros.

i see a little silhouette of a man...shell.

inspired by japanese' arbitrary use of 'god' in convoy naming conventions.

buncha guys were outlining their MP5's to make it more anime accurate.

dutch dude was considering a theme for his local con and i jokingly submitted this.

dude(ette?) at allspark suggested this. bizzare.

a commission. SERIOUSLY.

from that g1 episode where these cons and bots were hobnobbing. scandalous.

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