Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the other, other big, green and purple

scorpy here is the crowning jewel in completing my original g1 basebot collection. he was initially the least desired basebot, for me; a garish colour scheme that's outshined by its repaint, black zarak, an illl fitting counterpart to the much more awesome (not to mention bigger) fort max and I generally find the headmaster gimmick kinda meh.

so I basically took my time waiting for a decent condition one (with a fair price) to come up... and one pops up low key on ebay UK - I've always relied on local sources (or familiar, non-auction, online sources) for procurement of big bots, just to be on the safe side, but I thought, hey, this could be my last big purchase, what the heck.

(to motivate myself I'd familiarize myself with the character, reading back the old comics - this guy was pretty cool as written by furman - basically just trying to endear myself to the toy considering I'm getting him mostly for completist sake.)

luck was on my side and the transaction was fairly smooth. thing looked like crap on arrival, all dusty and grimy. but with a lil elbow grease, bam! minty g1 goodness.

the base mode is kinda iffy, but the beast and bot mode is solid...zarak looks a bit pinhead-ish as a headmaster - something black zarak rectifies. but its still a pretty cool toy thanks to its size, heft, detailing and relevance/prominence of the character. I could definitely live without a black zarak (tho that black, gold and red is hella sweet) but if I were to choose between the two...I'd choose scorponok. with a lot of deliberation, of course :) hey! its frickin black zarak, I can't front XD

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