Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Emo Plane Bots

I'm not a big fan of a) post-movie (the '86 one dammit!) designs and b) exclusive robits, but this was one occasion where I was superglad I bought the figure of a character I'd otherwise didn't care for: Botcon '08 Dreadwind. It'd have drove me nuts to pick up TFU Darkwing and have the nagging feeling that I was missing his partner-in-crime. I like both recolours so much I'm even thinking of passing up TFU Silverbolt. Sure they're missing their Powermasters (TM) partners and they're horribly out of scale with each other but I love the combined colour scheme. Post-movie TFs generally shied away from primary colours, which combined with futuristic modes make them look unrealistic but as a whole, the variety in colour made them look great on the shelf.

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