Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jurassic (Front) Yard

I love taking outdoor pics. Only thing preventing me from taking more are the weird stares I'd get from bypassing pedestrians. It's actually quite tricky to take these pics. You have to really get low on the ground to get these angles and even then you can't use the viewfinder; the bottom of the camera is an inch or two from the ground, it's just not physically possible, so you're basically shooting from the hip.

The first 3 pics are old, featuring Cybertron Jackshot - hehe - and Undermine, the last 2 are new, Masterpiece Grimlock, Universe Overkill and Cybetron Undermine again. Both shots are actually in my front yard. Think I'll let it grow out a bit more like in the 1st 3 pics. The shrub makes for nice diorama. A nice... shrubbery!

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