Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ROTF: post-movie update (and a magnus that can deal with it now)

Just an update on some recent pickups:

Legends ROTF Jetfire

i actually thought it was funny when it was revealed that they were making jetfire into a crotchety old guy for ROTF. With a cane, even! But then when I saw him onscreen I thought he was actually kinda cool. Looking forward to the leader version - his supermode with prime is looking awesome - but I'm really impressed how well the design translates into legends scale.

ROTF Ravage actually my first deluxe toy from ROTF, which basically means I passed up wave 1 entirely. I'll get sideswipe and sideways eventually but I was actually stoked about this guy since his last good toy was the alternator (the 2nd one! Stupid cat head) - the universe version was crap. I don't even mind the one eyed drone look. If only they gave him an actual Alt mode.

TFA Ultra Magnus

they actually did it. They made an ultra magnus toy thats badass. "don't try to be a hero, optimus. Its not in your programming." badass. Until he gets owned by shockwave anyway.

ROTF Depthcharge

I've always loved scout class toys and they really did a good job with this batch of early ROTF toys. I really dig the detail they put in the shoulder design, how the launcher when not deployed integrates seamlessly. Also, a boat tf that isn't a shellformer. Heck, I even like his tard hands. Derp.

By the way, the movie itself was a lotta fun. Helped that I watched it at a fan screening. Robot heaven, suckas!

Monday, July 20, 2009

DFT01 mini comic for sgcollect

I hardly do commissions but when a buddy at Sgcollect invited me to do this I couldn't say no. It's kinda funny since I have no love for the character, especially Mary Sue types (Strong silent type, badass with swords? Come on.) but I gotta admit, I enjoyed the idea of hijacking the origin of somebody else's character out of spite ;p

I went for cheesy 80's action flick feel, with the inane banter and anti-heroic quips. Actually feel kinda proud of that "I hate your guts" line. TIME TO DIE!!!