Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 09 update: I'm a little teapot...

Just an update on some recent pickups:

Universe Inferno

Like animated magnus, I had put this guy off for some time. He just looked kinda boring but this guy's solid all around actually.

ROTF Legends Prime and Jetfire

Jolt! Electrify!

That bit where he went "let's roll" in the movie was so awesome. Doesn't make sense, but still awesome.

ROTF EZ Devastator

I like this guy despite the horrible face thing but argh! The clashing green bits really kills me. Just keep to the red and yellow, dammit!

The 86 movie for kids gave us "one shall stand, one shall". What does the 2009 live action sequel give us? "Give me your face". Seriously, guys.

Additional pics:

Robit mode group shot. They're so cute! -.-'

Comparison with G1 mini (not WST) KO.

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