Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Device Label USB Ravage

I was initially hesitant with this guy's price tag; ultra class price tag for a dinky lil guy who's G1 version still stands up today amongst better articulated non-bricks? I mean, come on, the universe freebie we got was crap and the alternator is too big for main line stuff.

So anyways I was pretty underwhelmed when I got him...until I found out about the interactive app feature! DESKTOP KITTEH! Its such a frivolous add on and still doesn't qualify the price of admission. But its so much fun to have a 3D Ravage jumping around your screen. Buy this at retail price if you like novelty.

Monday, November 02, 2009

ROTF Bludgeon

This was the toy I had been looking forward most since MP Grimlock and it delivers in spades:

Check out the half rotated turret, revealing the short sword sheath at his back.

His skirt needs messing with but you can get him in some cool poses, despite the non-rotating waist.

How cool is that he can pose pulling out his sword like that?