Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stuff I forgot to post

Getting senile in my old age, totally left out updating on these guys despite taking their pics.

G1 piranacon

After initially released as a club exclusive, this guy finally gets a regular release! Not that big on this mold but always great to get another reissue. The colours are FABULOUS.

Perfect effect's rumble and frenzy

Pretty dinky despite being pricy (smaller than scout, cost more than a deluxe) but these are pretty well done as far as KO, oops, i mean, 3rd party stuff goes. Makes the musical label version redundant but i still value stuff thats official.

P.s. I posted swtf yoda before but broke out death star vader for this shoot. Haters can kiss my swtf lovin butt :p

Friday, December 17, 2010

I hate impulse buying...

...but these were a bargain.

Festive season = sales! I happened to be at sunway giza, kota damansara for a meeting so i dropped by and found these on offer: TFA jet twins and TFU dinobot both for rm100! Been putting off these guy for quite awhile and this was a good time as any to finally pick em up.

TFU dinobot

Even at fricking 30 ringgit i still balked at picking this guy up; i mean, i like the beast wars cartoon and dinobot is a pretty cool character supported by one of the better written story for any TF media (spoiler: he dies!) but i just never really got into non-mecha animal robots. And its utter fail that even this updated version still has those vestigial claws on his raptor chest. Still, i did get this mode out of him:

Of which he will stay in this mode FOREVER.

TFA jetfire & jetstorm

Probably my least liked character design from TFA, but they looked kinda cool in concept sketches in the TFA almanac book, so yeah, i got suckered buying this. Eh, been meaning to complete the line anyway.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 2010 Update

"Reveal the Shield", huh? Bleagh.

New stuff coming in thick and fast. Been quite a while since we had a glut of actual good stuff to buy like this... which, if you're inclined to agree with means you're a geewunner :p)

RTS Jazz and Tracks

Paying homage to the original Autobot cars, these guys are pretty spot on. Jazz clearly is an improvement over the car hood-as-robot chest body type as seen last with Generations Prowl while Tracks, with his auto-transforming torso, has a nifty transformation scheme. Don't like the flappy looking feet but overall it's a good enough to make you look forward to the upcoming remold/repaint, Wheeljack.

RTS Skullgrin and Thunderwing

Wasn't that keen initially on Skullgrin (bought mostly motivated by wanting to give Bludgeon a pretender buddy) but it's a very nice colour scheme on an above-average mold. Thunderwing is slightly underwhelming when you consider its such a simple design for a fan-fave character, more so considering his stint in Decepticon leadership: he's tiny! But the original character design has always been distinctive (much like Bludgeon) and this toy does great justice in giving it an update that's long overdue.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 2010 Update

Greetings and salutations!

I always wanted to say that.

G1 Seaspray

Just need Beachcomber to complete minibots up to Season 2. Never had Seaspray as kid (did have BC as a kid) so was really looking forward to this guy. Glub glub.

G1 Scourge

Had this guys as kid. Hated him, fricking soap bar robit. But now I'm one TF from completing movie guys. Fricking Ebay inflating mah Sharkticon prices.

Thanks to ROBOTIC PLANET DOT COM for the hook up (and a special thanks to Nate's GF for the awesome card!)

HFTD Breacher, IGear Arcee

Took the longest time to get Breacher, had to wait for the Takatomy one to come out cuz local Hasbro pushing them crappy Powercore Combiners. More like Powercrap. But this guy is so worth it, even at import prices (JPN scout = US deluxe). Pound for pound might be the Best Transformer Ever.

IGear's Arcee is a bit too pink for my taste but at last! G1 Arcee. Meanwhile my ARC kit is still unassembled, collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Not as good as a Fansproject joint (front wheels can't turn properly on mine, lack of clearance from feet in alt mode) but still okay-ish.

Monday, October 11, 2010

september-october (2010) hauls

these were actually bought separately, i've just been lazy with updates. didn't help that the local hasbro distro were holding back the good stuff to give more space for powercore combiner crap :P

Generations Blurr

don't normally care for repaints but habsro been doing right by fans recently. i still prefer the TFA version but this version kicks ass in no small measure due to the killer accessory: a combining weapon gimmick with smaller weapons forming the tripod for the larger gun.

Device Label USB Hub Blaster (Broadblast)

a bit underwhelming and not as good as mp3 player soundwave, but still decent. not worth overpaying if you have to import tho.

Generations Straxus (Darkmount)

not that big a fan of the comic character but always good to see obscure robits getting some spotlight. worth it for the "mercy is not dispensed here..." image meme on fan boards alone.

TFA Rodimus (japness version)

i know he's supposed to be a homage to the G1 cartoon color scheme and i'm supposed to geek over the glossy finish...but i really do prefer the hasbro version :(

WFC Megatron, Soundwave

still havent finished the goddamn game (got bored once i got to the bits with the autobot jets, video movement nausea didn't help either) but am loving these designs. couple'a weeks and yet to transform these guys into alt modes, megatron is awesome but screw that flying cannon table thingie mode. come on, hasbro!

Friday, July 30, 2010

July '10 update

Stuff i bought this month:


I was actually looking forward to this guy...i mean, just look at 'im. So goofy.

WFC Bumblebee

Hesitated at 1st cuz i'm not that keen on the design. Gotta say the game (which i've been playing recently, more on that) sold this, i think the game character looks cooler (while the toy looks too gangly) but i warmed up to it after a bit of fiddling. I mistranformed the lower legs so he looks more proportionate.

HFTD Hubcap

Another toy i was looking forward too. Love the oldies hot rod alt mode. Pretty solid bot mode too for a scout.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Generation(s)!

W00t! New line is out!

Generations Drift and WFC Prime. War for Cybertron (from the just released game, not waffle and fried chicken). And just like my ARC kit, my SGCollect Drift kit is still sitting on a shelf, unassembled *facepalm*. Very cool stuff, based on these figures alone. Relatively lotsa parts and joints for deluxes. I haven't found Hubcap tho', the red hot rod roadster, looking forward to that. Leader Starscream (ROTF) and Voyager Seaspray looks good too. The Power Core Combiners looked like crap tho'.

And as of posting these just saw early pics of Reissue Piranacon. Good times. Except for my wallet.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ba Weep Grana...

W00t! G1 Wreckgar! I've been working on my '86 movie toys and stumbled on this guy while browsing ebay. I even knew the dealer from forums and previous deals. So i hit the BIN button even when i'm not currently in the market for the old stuff (considering there's some current stuff i wanted to catch up on). The stickers are pretty worn but it's in decent shape. Never had him as a kid (plus the fact he's kinda goofy-looking) but the Animated version was pretty cool so i was kinda hankering for this version.

So, yeah. Just need Scourge and Gnaw to complete the '86 movie cast. And Cyclonus and Springer since the ones i have are KOs. Don't judge me!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Seen pics of this guy for awhile (almost a year i think) and thanks to Takatomy it's finally released: Animated Blackout. Tho he appeared only for lil bit in the season 3 opener, he's kinda popular with a following from the '07 movie. The design and transformation is very similar to the movie version, which is not a bad thing.

Proportions in robot mode is similar to guys like Bulkhead and Lugnut. And like Lugnut the weapon forms the rear end of the alt mode. Fans got a kick out of seeing 1st pics of this guys head design which resembles Wilford Brimley (known in the US for his work as a diabetes spokesperson but otherwise is notable for his role in John Carpenter's The Thing).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TFA Arcee

Finally! An Arcee that transforms into a car!

Fans have always wanted this, since forever with an alt mode that represents the 86 movie. Both times Hasbro did her (eww) were as bikes, 1st in the Energon line, than in the 07 Movie line. I guess they thought there was already a glut of Autobot cars so lets make Arcee a bike! Cue 'riding' Arcee jokes.

(There was also a beast mode Arcee, a Blackarachnia repaint exclusive. And the Binaltech repaint of the Windcharger mold. But these kinda don't count since they're repaints. Yes, fans are weird, I know).

Cut to the chase, it's a very nice figure, on par with the better molds from TFA thus far. Meanwhile, my ARC kit is still unassembled. And will prolly remain that way especially with the upcoming Impossible Toys version. D'oh.

Car mode. They gave her oversized...wing-thingies. Is she supposed to be a flying car? I DON'T KNOW.

Kinda like her look sans-wings. Looks more like the 86 movie version. Or so my rose tinted glasses memory tells me.

Robot mode lookin' demure n shit. No squatty poses here. The 'pink' looks very tricky on screen BTW. Some pics online due to lighting make the pink look more brighter. Both the US and JPN version are the same colour actually so don't be fooled.

Robot mode lookin' badass n shit. She was just a teacher in the cartoon! They prolly gave her swords on account of the IDW comic version where she's this psycho chick...who was originally a guy? Goddammit, IDW.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Drink n' Draw May '10

Attended my first DnD session yesterday at McD's drive in, Subang Jaya. Couldn't stay long but long enough to chat up some new people and even snuck in a quick sketch.

Thanks for the invite, Sheldon!

Dude I interviewed for (couple'a post back) was there too, Chee. The theme of the session was Frazetta, to commemorate his recent passing. I drew this:

linked because it looks like crap

Thursday, May 06, 2010

May '10 Haulage

Dropped by Toy Workers last week and picked up these:

Justitoys WST Shockwave

SDCC Baroness (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra)

Passed by a mobile repair shop and bought a new screen protector for my iPod Touch and lo and behold they sell the iPad. I was apprehensive at first since they didn't carry a model in-store for testing but bit the bullet and paid a deposit of RM100. 5 hours and a trip to the ATM later, BOOYAH: i has iPad :3

As posted on Facebook, a review requested by a friend:

i was looking forward to this when it was announce (being an ipod touch fan/early adopter) - not so much because i'm a mac fan (most work apps i use are pc-based) - but because i like the touch screen technology. i've had experience with a BB storm and apple's touch UI just feels 'right'.

my ipad is the 16g version. no 3g. bought for 2k plus (note that US price is actually less than 2k, hopefully apple MY keeps it that way) from a local 'free-enterprise' importer.

initial impression:
good battery life. nice ergo/feels good in your hand but the alum backing is a tad slippery. no hot laps with this. keyboard layout a bit sparse. great novelty, even amongst people already familiar with ipod/iphone. decent sound.

comes with the following
maps: works great but not as cool if you had 3g
notes: basic note writing. can copy pics from album/web and paste pics in it. can save to either ipad or sent as email.
calendar: with organizer/planner functions. can add events/reminders and stuff.
contacts: duh
youtube: works great. got multi pane function now so can see info/related/video in same layout

and it has ipod/photo (album)/video function. the ipod function can see more stuff like you'd see music collection on the pc/mac, video you'd need to ramp up your usual encoding to something like 600x400+px from the usual 400x300+px. i use by the way, which has nice presets.

free apps from itunes:
- there's adobe ideas, which looks pro sikit, but for non arty type paperdesk is good. u can combine diagrams with text to be saved or directly emailed within the app.
- freebooks has some lit classic like art of war, dickens, etc. havent tried ibooks tho.
- games: nice for novelty but nothing to shout about
labyrinth - nice for showcasing gyroscoping capability
godfinger - strategy type game
- you can store and display doc, excel, pdf, ppt using smileydocs
- edit photo with photopad

cool gadget to show around. especially in my line if i want to show folio. no need boot up laptop, just whip it out like a handphone. good for recreational use to (browsing, video, music) which works even better than a regular laptop for informal use. its got a bit of heft tho so you cant hold it single hand for so long like you would an ipod. if never use ipod or iphone before dont jump into it tho. the streamlined functions may be oft-putting for some.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recent Haul: April '10

April haulage:

ROTF Legends Arcee and Jolt. Still need to find Wheelie and Soundwave from previous wave.

FansProject's Warbot Defender aka Classics Springer. Been looking forward to this guy. Expensive and delicate but worth it. Excellent design, sculpting and engineering.

Very solid in both modes. I like how the copter is very reminiscent of the cartoon model while the car mode is different yet familiar at the same time.

Never did took proper pics of my Magnus Armor so here's a chance to show off both of these FP creations.

Also got Justitoys' Communication Liaison aka WST Blaster. At this point I'm just buying em for completist sake.

Finally picked up TRU G1 Perceptor. Had him as kid and I actually think it's a boring if good looking toy. Waited for clearance sale, motivated only by wanting to do this joke:

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Super Duper Overdued Update

Been busy over at with drawings and stuff, so been neglecting toy stuff for a bit. Here's an update on what I've picked up since the last post:

Married...with tapes.

Movie guys (not that Bayformers crap LOL).

Sentinel Prime (more like Douchimus Prime, amirite?) here with the Elite Guard.

Got Alty Bee of a art commish. Great figure, if awkward looking.

Dunno where this Bats' from but he's Mego scale. Too bad about the doofy head, woulda fit nice with the rest of my Marvel figs. Coincidentally, I've been watching some Batman: The Brave and The Bold; great series.

Missed out G1 Wheelie in the movie guys pic, so he's here with his Legends version.