Saturday, April 03, 2010

Super Duper Overdued Update

Been busy over at with drawings and stuff, so been neglecting toy stuff for a bit. Here's an update on what I've picked up since the last post:

Married...with tapes.

Movie guys (not that Bayformers crap LOL).

Sentinel Prime (more like Douchimus Prime, amirite?) here with the Elite Guard.

Got Alty Bee of a art commish. Great figure, if awkward looking.

Dunno where this Bats' from but he's Mego scale. Too bad about the doofy head, woulda fit nice with the rest of my Marvel figs. Coincidentally, I've been watching some Batman: The Brave and The Bold; great series.

Missed out G1 Wheelie in the movie guys pic, so he's here with his Legends version.

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