Thursday, May 27, 2010

TFA Arcee

Finally! An Arcee that transforms into a car!

Fans have always wanted this, since forever with an alt mode that represents the 86 movie. Both times Hasbro did her (eww) were as bikes, 1st in the Energon line, than in the 07 Movie line. I guess they thought there was already a glut of Autobot cars so lets make Arcee a bike! Cue 'riding' Arcee jokes.

(There was also a beast mode Arcee, a Blackarachnia repaint exclusive. And the Binaltech repaint of the Windcharger mold. But these kinda don't count since they're repaints. Yes, fans are weird, I know).

Cut to the chase, it's a very nice figure, on par with the better molds from TFA thus far. Meanwhile, my ARC kit is still unassembled. And will prolly remain that way especially with the upcoming Impossible Toys version. D'oh.

Car mode. They gave her oversized...wing-thingies. Is she supposed to be a flying car? I DON'T KNOW.

Kinda like her look sans-wings. Looks more like the 86 movie version. Or so my rose tinted glasses memory tells me.

Robot mode lookin' demure n shit. No squatty poses here. The 'pink' looks very tricky on screen BTW. Some pics online due to lighting make the pink look more brighter. Both the US and JPN version are the same colour actually so don't be fooled.

Robot mode lookin' badass n shit. She was just a teacher in the cartoon! They prolly gave her swords on account of the IDW comic version where she's this psycho chick...who was originally a guy? Goddammit, IDW.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Drink n' Draw May '10

Attended my first DnD session yesterday at McD's drive in, Subang Jaya. Couldn't stay long but long enough to chat up some new people and even snuck in a quick sketch.

Thanks for the invite, Sheldon!

Dude I interviewed for (couple'a post back) was there too, Chee. The theme of the session was Frazetta, to commemorate his recent passing. I drew this:

linked because it looks like crap

Thursday, May 06, 2010

May '10 Haulage

Dropped by Toy Workers last week and picked up these:

Justitoys WST Shockwave

SDCC Baroness (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra)

Passed by a mobile repair shop and bought a new screen protector for my iPod Touch and lo and behold they sell the iPad. I was apprehensive at first since they didn't carry a model in-store for testing but bit the bullet and paid a deposit of RM100. 5 hours and a trip to the ATM later, BOOYAH: i has iPad :3

As posted on Facebook, a review requested by a friend:

i was looking forward to this when it was announce (being an ipod touch fan/early adopter) - not so much because i'm a mac fan (most work apps i use are pc-based) - but because i like the touch screen technology. i've had experience with a BB storm and apple's touch UI just feels 'right'.

my ipad is the 16g version. no 3g. bought for 2k plus (note that US price is actually less than 2k, hopefully apple MY keeps it that way) from a local 'free-enterprise' importer.

initial impression:
good battery life. nice ergo/feels good in your hand but the alum backing is a tad slippery. no hot laps with this. keyboard layout a bit sparse. great novelty, even amongst people already familiar with ipod/iphone. decent sound.

comes with the following
maps: works great but not as cool if you had 3g
notes: basic note writing. can copy pics from album/web and paste pics in it. can save to either ipad or sent as email.
calendar: with organizer/planner functions. can add events/reminders and stuff.
contacts: duh
youtube: works great. got multi pane function now so can see info/related/video in same layout

and it has ipod/photo (album)/video function. the ipod function can see more stuff like you'd see music collection on the pc/mac, video you'd need to ramp up your usual encoding to something like 600x400+px from the usual 400x300+px. i use by the way, which has nice presets.

free apps from itunes:
- there's adobe ideas, which looks pro sikit, but for non arty type paperdesk is good. u can combine diagrams with text to be saved or directly emailed within the app.
- freebooks has some lit classic like art of war, dickens, etc. havent tried ibooks tho.
- games: nice for novelty but nothing to shout about
labyrinth - nice for showcasing gyroscoping capability
godfinger - strategy type game
- you can store and display doc, excel, pdf, ppt using smileydocs
- edit photo with photopad

cool gadget to show around. especially in my line if i want to show folio. no need boot up laptop, just whip it out like a handphone. good for recreational use to (browsing, video, music) which works even better than a regular laptop for informal use. its got a bit of heft tho so you cant hold it single hand for so long like you would an ipod. if never use ipod or iphone before dont jump into it tho. the streamlined functions may be oft-putting for some.