Thursday, May 27, 2010

TFA Arcee

Finally! An Arcee that transforms into a car!

Fans have always wanted this, since forever with an alt mode that represents the 86 movie. Both times Hasbro did her (eww) were as bikes, 1st in the Energon line, than in the 07 Movie line. I guess they thought there was already a glut of Autobot cars so lets make Arcee a bike! Cue 'riding' Arcee jokes.

(There was also a beast mode Arcee, a Blackarachnia repaint exclusive. And the Binaltech repaint of the Windcharger mold. But these kinda don't count since they're repaints. Yes, fans are weird, I know).

Cut to the chase, it's a very nice figure, on par with the better molds from TFA thus far. Meanwhile, my ARC kit is still unassembled. And will prolly remain that way especially with the upcoming Impossible Toys version. D'oh.

Car mode. They gave her oversized...wing-thingies. Is she supposed to be a flying car? I DON'T KNOW.

Kinda like her look sans-wings. Looks more like the 86 movie version. Or so my rose tinted glasses memory tells me.

Robot mode lookin' demure n shit. No squatty poses here. The 'pink' looks very tricky on screen BTW. Some pics online due to lighting make the pink look more brighter. Both the US and JPN version are the same colour actually so don't be fooled.

Robot mode lookin' badass n shit. She was just a teacher in the cartoon! They prolly gave her swords on account of the IDW comic version where she's this psycho chick...who was originally a guy? Goddammit, IDW.

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