Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ba Weep Grana...

W00t! G1 Wreckgar! I've been working on my '86 movie toys and stumbled on this guy while browsing ebay. I even knew the dealer from forums and previous deals. So i hit the BIN button even when i'm not currently in the market for the old stuff (considering there's some current stuff i wanted to catch up on). The stickers are pretty worn but it's in decent shape. Never had him as a kid (plus the fact he's kinda goofy-looking) but the Animated version was pretty cool so i was kinda hankering for this version.

So, yeah. Just need Scourge and Gnaw to complete the '86 movie cast. And Cyclonus and Springer since the ones i have are KOs. Don't judge me!

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