Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Generation(s)!

W00t! New line is out!

Generations Drift and WFC Prime. War for Cybertron (from the just released game, not waffle and fried chicken). And just like my ARC kit, my SGCollect Drift kit is still sitting on a shelf, unassembled *facepalm*. Very cool stuff, based on these figures alone. Relatively lotsa parts and joints for deluxes. I haven't found Hubcap tho', the red hot rod roadster, looking forward to that. Leader Starscream (ROTF) and Voyager Seaspray looks good too. The Power Core Combiners looked like crap tho'.

And as of posting these just saw early pics of Reissue Piranacon. Good times. Except for my wallet.

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