Monday, October 11, 2010

september-october (2010) hauls

these were actually bought separately, i've just been lazy with updates. didn't help that the local hasbro distro were holding back the good stuff to give more space for powercore combiner crap :P

Generations Blurr

don't normally care for repaints but habsro been doing right by fans recently. i still prefer the TFA version but this version kicks ass in no small measure due to the killer accessory: a combining weapon gimmick with smaller weapons forming the tripod for the larger gun.

Device Label USB Hub Blaster (Broadblast)

a bit underwhelming and not as good as mp3 player soundwave, but still decent. not worth overpaying if you have to import tho.

Generations Straxus (Darkmount)

not that big a fan of the comic character but always good to see obscure robits getting some spotlight. worth it for the "mercy is not dispensed here..." image meme on fan boards alone.

TFA Rodimus (japness version)

i know he's supposed to be a homage to the G1 cartoon color scheme and i'm supposed to geek over the glossy finish...but i really do prefer the hasbro version :(

WFC Megatron, Soundwave

still havent finished the goddamn game (got bored once i got to the bits with the autobot jets, video movement nausea didn't help either) but am loving these designs. couple'a weeks and yet to transform these guys into alt modes, megatron is awesome but screw that flying cannon table thingie mode. come on, hasbro!

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