Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 2010 Update

Greetings and salutations!

I always wanted to say that.

G1 Seaspray

Just need Beachcomber to complete minibots up to Season 2. Never had Seaspray as kid (did have BC as a kid) so was really looking forward to this guy. Glub glub.

G1 Scourge

Had this guys as kid. Hated him, fricking soap bar robit. But now I'm one TF from completing movie guys. Fricking Ebay inflating mah Sharkticon prices.

Thanks to ROBOTIC PLANET DOT COM for the hook up (and a special thanks to Nate's GF for the awesome card!)

HFTD Breacher, IGear Arcee

Took the longest time to get Breacher, had to wait for the Takatomy one to come out cuz local Hasbro pushing them crappy Powercore Combiners. More like Powercrap. But this guy is so worth it, even at import prices (JPN scout = US deluxe). Pound for pound might be the Best Transformer Ever.

IGear's Arcee is a bit too pink for my taste but at last! G1 Arcee. Meanwhile my ARC kit is still unassembled, collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Not as good as a Fansproject joint (front wheels can't turn properly on mine, lack of clearance from feet in alt mode) but still okay-ish.

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