Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stuff I forgot to post

Getting senile in my old age, totally left out updating on these guys despite taking their pics.

G1 piranacon

After initially released as a club exclusive, this guy finally gets a regular release! Not that big on this mold but always great to get another reissue. The colours are FABULOUS.

Perfect effect's rumble and frenzy

Pretty dinky despite being pricy (smaller than scout, cost more than a deluxe) but these are pretty well done as far as KO, oops, i mean, 3rd party stuff goes. Makes the musical label version redundant but i still value stuff thats official.

P.s. I posted swtf yoda before but broke out death star vader for this shoot. Haters can kiss my swtf lovin butt :p

Friday, December 17, 2010

I hate impulse buying...

...but these were a bargain.

Festive season = sales! I happened to be at sunway giza, kota damansara for a meeting so i dropped by and found these on offer: TFA jet twins and TFU dinobot both for rm100! Been putting off these guy for quite awhile and this was a good time as any to finally pick em up.

TFU dinobot

Even at fricking 30 ringgit i still balked at picking this guy up; i mean, i like the beast wars cartoon and dinobot is a pretty cool character supported by one of the better written story for any TF media (spoiler: he dies!) but i just never really got into non-mecha animal robots. And its utter fail that even this updated version still has those vestigial claws on his raptor chest. Still, i did get this mode out of him:

Of which he will stay in this mode FOREVER.

TFA jetfire & jetstorm

Probably my least liked character design from TFA, but they looked kinda cool in concept sketches in the TFA almanac book, so yeah, i got suckered buying this. Eh, been meaning to complete the line anyway.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 2010 Update

"Reveal the Shield", huh? Bleagh.

New stuff coming in thick and fast. Been quite a while since we had a glut of actual good stuff to buy like this... which, if you're inclined to agree with means you're a geewunner :p)

RTS Jazz and Tracks

Paying homage to the original Autobot cars, these guys are pretty spot on. Jazz clearly is an improvement over the car hood-as-robot chest body type as seen last with Generations Prowl while Tracks, with his auto-transforming torso, has a nifty transformation scheme. Don't like the flappy looking feet but overall it's a good enough to make you look forward to the upcoming remold/repaint, Wheeljack.

RTS Skullgrin and Thunderwing

Wasn't that keen initially on Skullgrin (bought mostly motivated by wanting to give Bludgeon a pretender buddy) but it's a very nice colour scheme on an above-average mold. Thunderwing is slightly underwhelming when you consider its such a simple design for a fan-fave character, more so considering his stint in Decepticon leadership: he's tiny! But the original character design has always been distinctive (much like Bludgeon) and this toy does great justice in giving it an update that's long overdue.