Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 2010 Update

"Reveal the Shield", huh? Bleagh.

New stuff coming in thick and fast. Been quite a while since we had a glut of actual good stuff to buy like this... which, if you're inclined to agree with means you're a geewunner :p)

RTS Jazz and Tracks

Paying homage to the original Autobot cars, these guys are pretty spot on. Jazz clearly is an improvement over the car hood-as-robot chest body type as seen last with Generations Prowl while Tracks, with his auto-transforming torso, has a nifty transformation scheme. Don't like the flappy looking feet but overall it's a good enough to make you look forward to the upcoming remold/repaint, Wheeljack.

RTS Skullgrin and Thunderwing

Wasn't that keen initially on Skullgrin (bought mostly motivated by wanting to give Bludgeon a pretender buddy) but it's a very nice colour scheme on an above-average mold. Thunderwing is slightly underwhelming when you consider its such a simple design for a fan-fave character, more so considering his stint in Decepticon leadership: he's tiny! But the original character design has always been distinctive (much like Bludgeon) and this toy does great justice in giving it an update that's long overdue.

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