Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011's 1st haul

happy new year!

Generations Kup

gotta love the slew of season 3 bots we've been getting. considering i'm THIS close to completing my g1 movie cast, quite stoked about matching it with these modern versions. this batch impresses again with some neat/innovative transformation. there's this whole thing you do with kup's cab section where you flip it around and you're like, whoa! where'd the torso come from? the shoulder joints are a bit too fiddly for my taste, and i don't dig the open mouth sculpt. but i'll be damn if i'm giving more money to these 3rd party parts maker companies just for a more cartoon accurate sculpt. what next? robit butt inserts? geez.

Generations Scourge

scourge here is another geezer: he's got facial hair! i was more keen on kup initially but this guy was a nice little suprise. i particular like how the wings form a cloak. they could've just stop at making the wings hinge but nooooo. they had to make the wings fold out and bam! robit cape.

RTS Legend Prime, Megatron, Starscream

i have a little WST collection going on; gotta love itty bitty robits. you can tell its the halcyon days for the TF franchise when theyre pumping out remakes of marquee characters. its cool that we're actually getting a gun megs and prime is kinda okay. but i love what they've done with starscream despite what i call cheating: fake parts that dont transform into what they represent - the robot cockpit is fake, the real cockpit folds behind the torso. and they flipped the limbs arrangement in plane mode - where the arms used to be at the sides of the plane and the legs form the thrusters, this version has it the other way around. yet they somehow retained the signature/classic look. pretty clever, actually.

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