Tuesday, February 08, 2011

2011 CNY haul

seems like with the impending movie stuff coming out there's a spike in the rate they're pushing current stuff. die, wallet!

RTS Perceptor, G2 Prime

'Scuse the pink backdrop. It's my kid's make up table! Perceptor was thought to be the weakest of this wave but he turned out pretty solid. Once you can get over his half-track mode that is. G2 Prime's kinda weird in that the original was already a modern toy to begin with gimmicks/ articulation wise, but deluxe Primes has always been fun and this guy is no exception. And no, goddammit, robot boys don't have camel toe...only fembots have robo-vuhjayjay.

RTS Wreckgar

I almost never buy 2 of the same mold/deco... so much for that. I'll be buying doubles of the Junkion repaint too, yeesh. Dare to be stupid!

RTS Windcharger

Guess who's my hundredth bot? This guy! Hasbro's been hitting it outta the park with their recent scouts (Breacher, Hubcap), notch this guy up as another winner for this size class.

Some non-recent release stuff:

G1 Chromedome, Brainstorm

I actually used to hate the HM's as a kid but after completing most 84-86 bots, i'm turning my attention to the post-movie bots and the driver gimmick is actually pretty cool. next thing you know i'll be looking for Prentenders. Ack.

G1 Roadbuster

Dude is missing some parts but i've been looking for this guy for quite some time. Lovin' the pre-TF origins, kibbleforming aside, he just looks like a badass.

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