Tuesday, February 08, 2011

If yer gonna ride, daniel...

...ride in style!

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy

This guy came out just in the nick of time for CNY Holidays. Otherwise it'd have been a week to wait for shops to return to business. always good to avoid transformers purchase blue balls.

robot mode is very nice. he looks like he stepped right out of the movie. you can practically hear 'dare'. good articulation but the protruding shoulder is slightly limits range of movement.

i'm liking the battle platform mode more than i expected. while i haven't even bothered playing with MP prime's trailer (my dalianjj version is still in its box), the compactness of roddy's trailer is a plus. i'm all like BUDDABUDDABUDDA DIE DECEPTICREEPS up in here, which is kinda funny cuz roddy's always been depicted as emo, he'd never do that (but he would do anything for love!).

car mode is damn slick, i just love the retro futuristic look.

just can't get enough of it so i take 2 pics from the same angle. Whutup KOToys.com?!!

never dug the ol' space winnebago but they do a good job combining the car and trailer. i normally dislike fake bits (the cockpit and hood is actually part of the trailer) but its done creatively.

If you're considering getting this and have been hearing nothing but whining (even from people who don't actually have it *rolls eyes*), heres my take:

- aside from paint chipping. mine only has 2 real problems: one arm exhaust doesnt tab as well as the other in car mode, tho not floppy. one feet spring has started to show uncoiling, tho its still in there.
- transformation is very finicky from robot to car and car with trailer. feels like youre gonna break something just before everything lines up. but with familiarity you get better at it. just gotta get over the steep learning curve.
- torso/backpack tends to easily untab when handling in robot mode, so the trick is to hold it at the torso, keeping pressure. the problem is due to super tight shoulder ratchets so the force it takes to move the arm around tends to cause the torso/backpack tabs dislodge.

i can't say its worth rm500 or usd200 as per current market price (i usually go for 1st release on principle) but despite its flaws and shortcomings the bot mode is awesome and the vehicle mode's a beaut. you can win...if you dare!

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