Monday, August 29, 2011

Reports of my demise...

Man, work has been kicking my ass.

Things have been slow on the collecting front since I've been trying to get back into an old habit/new hobby:

its a parallel twin kawasaki er-6n. HAPPYFACE. I really wanted an inline four z1000 tho. SADFACE.

But to be honest theres been lack of interesting stuff (read: non-G1). I did get perfecteffect's reflector set (they're tiny!) and generations grapple (yay, another repaint!) but botcon 2011 rolled around and these guys came in the mail:


Thanks, jarodimus! Same guy hooked me up with botcon 2008 set, too. New animated characters, g1 homages: insta-buy.

Got this off the internets:


Like, this dude completes my original minibots collection, man.

Stumbled on these guys, didnt know about them:

Besides TFs, MOTU was as big as TF with the kids i grew up with (not to mention more affordable). I dont care much for hot wheels but i love the art on these. New stuff these days dont invest much on painted toy artwork like they used to. Kinda like die cast...its a lost art. Ba-dum-chh!

I also caught TF:DOTM on premiere night with a buch of fans, but thats a story for another post.

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