Sunday, December 25, 2011


So Hasbro's 2nd foray into building block toys after the abysmal Built-To-Rule line just popped in KL: Kreos. And it looks like we have a winner.

First of all, just look at the pricing. A similar sized set (say that 3 times) licensed Lego set would cost 1.5 to 2 times the price of a Kreo set, at the expense of slightly lower quality build.

(Apparently these are by Oxford, a Korean based Lego competitor that does military models.)

Don't get me wrong. I was brought up on Legos. My brothers and i would stay up til 3am just mucking around with bricks all over the carpet. But now that i buy these for my kid i know the cost of brand loyalty and Kreos in comparison just deliver more bang for the buck.

I bought Starscream first (was keen on the jet mode). Then went back for Prime and Bumblebee (the small ones, sans minifig) and lastly Mirage. And i'm really looking forward to more of these. I play a bit with my kid's Lego but building my fave G1 character really brings back that feeling from childhood completing my Lego City sets.

Here's hoping they make G1 Metroplex, Animated Omega Supreme and heck, even an Ark/Mount Saint Hillary diorama. Hey, i can dream, right?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 end of year update

December already? Wow.

So i've actually still been picking up the occasional TF but besides the slow down of purchases, the ones i buy i hardly have time to mess with. Hence the lot of em compiled here.

(Bear with me, trying something new here with photography style. Just messing around with iphone's instagram, i love this thing.)

Missed the boat when he was released locally - it was a short run, pre release of DOTM toys - i got this guy through a US based forum i frequent (thanks, nate!). I dont dig the 4 tread tank design, but the bot mode is practically perfect. Shoulder guns a bit overkill tho, he already has a turret embedded in his friggin chest. KABLAM.

I've always preferred the toy version of reflector with the 3 robots that comprise the camera mode being distinct from each other, but its still cool that we finally get something close to cartoon accurate, even if its non-official. Would've preferred it to be bigger nor do i care for all the accessories but these are done quite well for KO standards, just a notch down from fansproject's stuff.

Prowl's already been done as a deluxe TFU toy but trailbreaker/cutter here finally gets some love, yay! Even if its in legends scale.

Not really big on the show nor design, but i loves me some american muscle car! Cliffjumper's voiced by The Rock in the show's pilot (spoiler: he dies!) but CJ gets a bit more face time in the comics. Can you smeeeeeeelll....

I actually bought this some time back and totally forgot to update my inventory. Love that smirk. Just need Waspy and Swindle to wrap up my TFA collection.

Waited a bit on this guy because of the steep pricing (whereas i've always picked up previous MPs on 1st shipment). Passed up on the previous MP convoy with trailer set and kinda glad i did. Haskatomy really knows how to milk their cash cow. That said, this guy is great. I always felt the original MP convoy alt mode was lacking and this version makes up for it and more in spades. Lose some gimmicks but since i have both version i'm not complaining.

Aww wook at the widdle optimus pwime! Seriously tho, this may be a toddlers toy but it looks good in both modes, the gimmick works great and its G1 inspired. Insta-buy!

Yet another old purchase that i stashed away til now. I dont buy all the generations repaint, but grapple is cool guy, he doesn't afraid of designing cybertron skyline and being in cohorts with constructicons!