Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lego MOCs: cassettebots


I started with this guy 1st and the rest just snowballed from there. Started this out with the wings with the intention of mimicking the toy look (as opposed to animation model).

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The japanese dino cassettes are a grail of mine (even after being KOd) so i thought heres a chance at paying tribute to the real things. Zaur and noizu are actually from separate pairs but these 2 are ones i like the most amongst the 4.

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Despite having already done 2 flying cassettebots i thought i'd do 1 more. The challenge was to get a nice effect for the inner side of the wings. Decidedly unlike the toy design, which wings looked crappy to be honest.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Lego MOC: space walrus, gangnam style and others

A few more character MOCs for the weekend.


"Hey, these curved white slopes would make great tusks..."

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Couple'o animal based MOCs. The dog started with the hinged crane parts and the crab with the curved red slopes.

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Somebody suggested this over on instagram and, mmm, well...yeah.

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Wanted to try something else than cubedudes styled and began with the 2 arches to form the face.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Lego cubedude MOCs

Was messing around with lego, MOCing it up (you know how i do) and ended up making some cubedudes. Don't miss the bonus character at the bottom...


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A californian DJ/MC wannabe. Loves enery drinks, a ciggie permanently hanging from his lips. A sarcastic skeptic but always there to help a buddy out.


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Tracie is a ditzy shopping mall nail artist. A midwesterner, she loves coffee and talks non-stop (because she's afraid people will realize she's got nothing to say). Has a huge crush on joseph gordon levitt.


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Sinead is is a transplanted londoner but scotland-born. Foreign correspondent writer for 3rd rate arts and culture webzine. Raging feminist but sleeps with everybody (for research on a book she's working on - its on its 7th draft). Secretly a romantic.


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Sports nut and health junkie. Claims he's from brooklyn but actually from new jersey. Goes into withdrawal when misses a gym session. Randomly proclaims "ball always tell the truth!"

Bonus Character: ACKBAR

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A mon calamarian with rank of authority...who nobody listens to. Placed there because mon mothma decided thats where he'll do the least damage when he screws up as usual, mothership Home One's on autopilot anyway. Inability to repel firepower of any magnitude and announce traps once they've been sprung, generally a ne'er do well, glorified town crier.

...ITS A TRAP! (gotcha)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

G1 Whirl, MiniMOC Bi-Plane

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If youve been reading IDW comic's MTMTE series, one of the surprisingly popular character is whirl. He's always been a background character, usually as air support for the wreckers (in MTMTE he'd actually been discharged from the autobot commando group) but james roberts spin on him - as a malcontent autobot with a mean streak (probably an understatement, hes actually closer to being a psychotic sociopath) - has thrust him into the spotlight. Thats a pretty big break for a 3rd tier character (and even that status is arguable considering there's a number of non-recurring guys ahead of him who've receive solo story treatment).

Happens also he's a milestone figure for me: i have now completed all the non-takara molds from the 84-85 line up - along with jetfire and roadbuster he's a member of the deluxe class autobots, joined by the motorized toys (omega and skylynx). Apparently he's the least fave toy of the 5 since he's the last one to be bought and it took his likeable turn in MTME to motivate me to track him down. That said i find him much more personable now as that thin and creepy robit jerk.

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Also, recently made a lil lego bi-plane with forced perspective backdrop.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lego MOC: slave 1, gorilla, g1 hoist and roadbuster

Made a couple'o more MOCs over the weekend. Been itching to pull the trigger on a Slave 1 set so i made my own version of the Firespray 31 class patrol and attack craft:

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After doing mini grimlock thought i'd try my hand at optimus primal but dont think the color scheme cuts it. Still, monkeys are awesome:

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The set i'm working with has a bunch of dark green/orange parts and towing truck elements so it was a matter of time i tried to make this guy. Heres g1 hoist:

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And lastly, again with the green/orange combo, g1 roadbuster. Just had enough brown parts to complete the look:

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Desperately Seeking Steve

Finally found the bastard: RID version of TFP Vehicon. While i've passed up the FE version a few times (which itself was hard to find initially) its been ages since RID Vehicon (aka Steve the drone, as he's affectionately named by TFP fans) was initially released. To be honest i could've just went with specialty shop/online if i REALLY wanted to but i still enjoy actually finding things at retail. Anyways, i waited out this version because its significantly better than the FE version with its substantial back kibble. And this version has a really cool transformation where the whole length of the top of the car mode somehow collapses into the legs in robot mode.


While i've supposedly call it quits with 3-3/4" scale, i still pick up the occasional cool looking figure. They've released hulk previously in the same line (i think) but i didn't like the earlier version's face sculpt: too skinny/gaunt. This one hits the spot for me. Looks more definitive/old school. And reminds me of my favourite version of the character as a toy: the 8" mego version. I miss me some Twisted Toyfare Theatre.


Really digging lego currently, a couple'o MOCs i cooked up:

Minituarization: complete. Adorability: imminent.

Just occured to me now i need to track down a minifig crown. ME GRIMLOCK KING KNOW ALL ABOUT RUBBING BLIND PACKS.

Aaaaand a microscale shophouse street. I really wanted to do something more complex but looks like i need to build up my inventory with more same coloured bricks.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Lego Pirates of the Carribean at Mid-Valley Megamall (2011)

Was going through my FB photos and man, i've actually a buttload of stuff to blog now that i'm back in the lego game. Since my previous post was Star Wars related, lets look at another movie franchise that i'm big on: Pirates of the Carribean.

I dig Johnny Depp's stuff and thought Curse of the Black Pearl was just okay. But it was Dead Man's Chest that made me a fan. Captain Jack manning up to the Kraken is easily my fave movie visual from the second half of the 00's and honestly speaking, made me forgive a lot of At World's End faults (dont care much for the latest movie tho, somehow).

Anyways, in conjunction with the last movie release there was a lego exhibit at mid-valley megamall. They constructed a single, massive display aisle incorporating various scenery from the OT and the 4th instalment to showcase lego POTC's debut lineup.

Despite the sets repping scenes from different movies, the diorama is cleverly integrated into one big pirate-y ecosystem:

Queen's Anne Revenge anchored off the coast...

...Captain Jack's carriage from the London Escape set fleeing to the shore...

...from the direction of a town made up of buildings from, again, the London Escape set.

Further inland we have the water wheel structure from DMC...

...which source of running water is a waterfall...

...on top of which is the cannibal chase scene from DMC...

...which leads back to the coast, displaying the Whitecap Bay set at the base of a seaside cliff.

In particularly cool are the subterranean/cavern displays; a third of the diorama consist of the seaside cliff/waterfall portion - so its big enough for them to carve out niches to display the Isla De La Muerta and Fountain of Youth sets as cross sections:

I only bothered to buy the Isla De La Muerta set (i don't dig the medieval/castle line in general) to finally get a toy of Captain Barbossa (he was unceremoniously left out from Zazzle's 3-3/4" action figure line). It's really something that a guy like Geoffrey Rush gets to play the coolest mofo in a franchise with Depp, Bill Nighy and Keith Frickin' Richards - case in point, the ending of Dead Man's Chest.

Lego Star Wars Exhibit at Bangsar Village II (2011)

BV2 (the local shopping mall) is having its end of year lego event as usual and thought i'd repost pics from my FB, last years show which included an all Star Wars gallery by the Thai Lego group (excuse the crappy phone pics, i'll see if i can find better pics of these on the net).

Theres a few dioramas representing iconic moments from the movies, what i've captured are vignettes but really, the scope of the builds are much more expansive, each scene built on at least two 4'x4' tables/aisle.

First up is Mos Eisley. Shown here is an exterior scene (note bantha on the left) but theres also an interior layout of the cantina and boba fett's slave 1 parked in a hangar.

Next is the Hoth battle scene. The whole thing stretches up to 3-4 tables and includes the snow plain battle and interiors of echo base itself with the millenium falcon prepping for escape.

Here we have the Death Star hangar from ROTJ. Cool thing about the exhibit was it was in a enclosed room with black curtains draped on all sides of the room. So when they played The Imperial March over the PA system (the movie score was on loop throughout the show) this diorama was easily the most atmospheric despite the apparent simple build when compared to the rest on display.

Also from ROTJ is the Endor battle scene, which includes the shield generator, landing platform and an at-at. Pretty cool diorama in spite of frickin ewoks.

Another scene based on Tattooine but this time from the PT, the pod race arena from TPM. Yippee! *slits wrist*

And lastly, the ground battle between the trade federation droid army against the then minty new clone army of the republic from AOTC.

Outside the exhibit hall was a lego play area for kids, selected participants get to group build a 8' tall R2D2 over the course of the event.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Transformers-themed Lego Microscale

So i was looking up more lego star wars mini vehicles to add to the collection when i stumbled upon a whole subculture to brick building: microscale. Excuse the mixing of metaphors but this might be the straw that opens the camels floodgates for me and lego collecting.

See, i've always had a thing for miniaturized designs, evident by my worlds smallest transformers collection and star wars action fleet series. They take up less space and display well within a small storage footprint. So the fact that i can use a small amount of bricks to construct a decently cool looking diorama appeals to my inner cheapskate.

So i got me a medium size set with the colors i was looking for, plus some of my kid's lego that was lying around and these are what i came up with:

First up is a little diorama of the ark at mt. St. Hillary, from the g1 cartoon. The autobots crashed on a earth and their ship got stuck to the side of a mountain and as dumb as that sounds it made for a cool, iconic base. Probably 3rd behind MOTUs castle grayskull and MASKs boulder hill when it comes to good guys HQ.

Next is the ark itself, pre-crashing on earth. I just worked from memory/mental image so theres a bit of artistic license to the design (in fact, even g1 cartoon and comics design didnt match with the former being more curvy and the latter, more blocky). Cool thing is you can make the front section disengage (see exploded parts view) like ultra magnus' shuttle in the movie!

Lastly is a cybertronian (transformers planet of origin) streetscape. The design started out with the bridge and chasm. After adding towers and spires it was just adding gribble (greeble?) to give detail and suggest scale.