Saturday, May 19, 2012

Monsters, spaceships and bikers

Just realized i almost missed the entire 1st half of this year, here's some stuff i picked up prior to the stuff in the previous post.


Kre-o's got me bitten by the brick bug (say that five times, fast) since i last played with em as a kid so i thought a i tried a genuine Lego set. I'm big on Star Wars as well and i've been eyeing this scale since they introduced it with the Millenium Falcon (really oughta track a set one of these days) and this was fun to build despite the glaringly monotonous color scheme.


I don't care much for the original G1 japanese exclusive (much prefer the original character that repped the mold, Thunderwing) but this is a pretty brilliant black repaint of a mediocre mold - it's not terrible but it's kinda boring.

Been looking forward to Wreckgar's repaint, fans have wanted a generic junkion ever since the 1986 movie and the color scheme does a good job making him distinct from Wreckgar but similar enough so you know they're kimosabes that talk TV; you talk some TV?


It's just the pretender shells with no inner robots but i've been hankering for some stupid giant human(oid) robits to add to my post 1986 line up and these guys seemed like fun guys to start with. I've even done some fanart of em in the past so they've always been skulking around in the recesses of my subconscious mind, biding their time, waiting for the right moment to spring fourth and deliver a combo attack of DIABEETUS and tentacle rape...wait, what?!!

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