Sunday, July 08, 2012

Superhero Dollies

They're action figures, dammit!

I've always been a super hero fan since I started reading comics as a wee lad. As an adult collector, high end 12" figures were (and still are) too rich for my blood, so cheapskate me was a pretty happy camper when Hasbro put out Spiderman Origins Signature series. Not only were they cheap, they were Mego-scaled! Well, close to Mego scale. I loves me some Twisted Toyfare Theatre.

They put out 2 waves of 4 figures...and then just stopped :( :( :( all of which you can see below.

"Hey, didja guys see my movie? I couldn't. Geddit, guys? Cuz I'M BLIND. Haha! Guys, anybody there? Guys?!!"

Doc Ock uses the same body type, they bulked him up using the torso wrap thingie they stuck his tentacles on to. No, it doesn't look any better in person.

I gotta say, they did a GREAT job with the Goblin's head sculpt. And the cloth costume creases actually work here - he looks like he stepped out of a Jack Kirby panel (Yes, I know Steve Ditko is the original Spidey artist. Simmer down nerds, geez).

Gotta admit I hated how the Iron Spidey costume looked in print but its kinda neat in 3 dimension. He's wearing leg warmers!

Secret Wars duds. Classic.

Try and pose your expensive 12 inchers like this without a posing base, hah! Take that Richie Rich.


Snikt! They use a standard body so Wolvie's here is as tall as the other dudes. Let's just pretend he's Movie Wolvie and it's Hugh Jackman behind the mask.

I even got printed in Toyfare for a fan mail I sent em!

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