Sunday, October 07, 2012

October 2012 update

I've actually bought a bunch of stuff which i haven't had the time to mess with. Theres a couple of TF's that are still unopened and its taken weeks for me to complete less than half of a lego build (granted its a big set, details soon to come). I'm actually looking forward to the soon to be released MP lambor aka sideswipe but heres what i've picked up recently:


i bought the new prime and jazz too but like most people this is the toy we were looking forward to. Hasbro has given us quite a few versions of ol' purple one eye (eww), the last being a movieverse toy (DOTM). That one was actually quite good but the movie aesthethic may not be for everyone *cough*geewunner*cough*, so there was a bit of hype when we saw the design from the WFC (precursor to FOC), the game being well received helped too. Now that he's here, he's not quite perfect (small-ish, too skinny) but the closest we get to a proper remake of G1 shockwave.


I also picked his wave mates (silverstreak, motorbreath and thundercracker) but this guy was the one i was looking forward to the most. Kinda wished they made him (along with trailcutter) in deluxe scale but i loves me some legends class bots so YOU WIN THIS TIME, HASBRO.


Bought on impulse and the fact they came in little globes painted as planets from the movies was somehow a clincher for me. But these were really fun to build: substantial enough to be quickly recognizable, minimal parts that take little time to complete. Altogether thats the x-wing, cloud city car, tie interceptor and scout walker. Dont care for sebulba's pod racer and naboo starfighter, being PT based and all but wouldn't be surprised if i eventually pick it up out of OCD.


After messing about with power core combiners they nutted up and gave us what we really wanted: full scale combiners with unique transformable limbs. About time, hasbro.

Bruticus here's the regular release version (the sdcc exclusive has game accurate colors), the colors are garish but its actually based on the energon version. Go figure.

I should really get the non-eye gouging sdcc version, but after drawing this from when this version was announced...

...i really bought it just so i could take this pic:

Saturday, October 06, 2012

10 years on...

i've posted my stuff at online forums before but never actually did a proper article for it, so here goes:

I've bought the odd collectible every now and then since my days in uni (the 90's) but took it seriously when i randomly picked up an issue of toyfare around the time attack of the clones came out (2002?). It had this '25th coolest SW 3 3/4th action figure ever!' article and at the time i thought it was the coolest thing ever!...

...I quit after 6 dozen or so figures after seeing how much they just collect dust.

But then being in the collecting scene reacquainted me with another toy franchise that was also close to my heart: transformers! (keep in mind this was well before the live action movie came out in 2007 and every dude and his brother claimed to be a long time transfan.)

So here i am 10 years later. I've slowed down considerably since the early days when i would actively go on toy hunts. I've got probably around 800 items, a bit under 600 of that are transformers. I almost never sell off stuff but i only buy what i can display.

The upper main shelf is made up of regular sized robots. the right side are from modern/current line, while the left are vintage/reissue (retro) figures. These are actually my favourite part of the collection as they represent the characters i grew up with.

The bottom half of the main shelf is comprised of various lines. There's a bit of star wars (notably vehicles from galoob's action fleet line), some comic superhero figures, a bunch of pixar's cars hot wheel toys and assorted 3 3/4 scale figures from GI joe, indiana jones and pirates of the carribean.

The side shelf stores more transformers, in particular the larger figures. Theres a bunch of smaller robots that combine to form even bigger robots and also big robots that transform into bases for smaller robots. Transformers are generally very social for a bunch of robots at war with each other.

Above the shelves are a bunch of boxes that i've kept, ones that have display value. The vintage (or vintage styled) packaging has some great packaging art that you don't see much in toys these days. High end transformers like the masterpiece and alternator line (super articulated robots that transform into realistic/licensed cars/planes) i store inside the packaging.

I'm also a comic fan and in this age where consumer tablets are popular and readers prefer to download comics, i'm pretty proud of my transformers comics collection. I still have a big chunk of the original run from the 80's and whatever i was missing i've filled it with modern reprints. I also collect the current comics (from when the now defunct dreamwave was holding the license in the early 00's up to IDWs current run) so altogether i think thats got to be almost 500 issues altogether. Pretty impressive longevity when the original US run itself didnt even managed a hundred issues.

There's also a bunch of collectible reference books, both japanese and american (transformers was and still is a collaboration of takara from japan and america's hasbro) and some magazines which featured transformers cover appearances.