Sunday, October 07, 2012

October 2012 update

I've actually bought a bunch of stuff which i haven't had the time to mess with. Theres a couple of TF's that are still unopened and its taken weeks for me to complete less than half of a lego build (granted its a big set, details soon to come). I'm actually looking forward to the soon to be released MP lambor aka sideswipe but heres what i've picked up recently:


i bought the new prime and jazz too but like most people this is the toy we were looking forward to. Hasbro has given us quite a few versions of ol' purple one eye (eww), the last being a movieverse toy (DOTM). That one was actually quite good but the movie aesthethic may not be for everyone *cough*geewunner*cough*, so there was a bit of hype when we saw the design from the WFC (precursor to FOC), the game being well received helped too. Now that he's here, he's not quite perfect (small-ish, too skinny) but the closest we get to a proper remake of G1 shockwave.


I also picked his wave mates (silverstreak, motorbreath and thundercracker) but this guy was the one i was looking forward to the most. Kinda wished they made him (along with trailcutter) in deluxe scale but i loves me some legends class bots so YOU WIN THIS TIME, HASBRO.


Bought on impulse and the fact they came in little globes painted as planets from the movies was somehow a clincher for me. But these were really fun to build: substantial enough to be quickly recognizable, minimal parts that take little time to complete. Altogether thats the x-wing, cloud city car, tie interceptor and scout walker. Dont care for sebulba's pod racer and naboo starfighter, being PT based and all but wouldn't be surprised if i eventually pick it up out of OCD.


After messing about with power core combiners they nutted up and gave us what we really wanted: full scale combiners with unique transformable limbs. About time, hasbro.

Bruticus here's the regular release version (the sdcc exclusive has game accurate colors), the colors are garish but its actually based on the energon version. Go figure.

I should really get the non-eye gouging sdcc version, but after drawing this from when this version was announced...

...i really bought it just so i could take this pic:

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