Monday, November 05, 2012

Lego Midi Scale Millenium Falcon

"What a piece of junk!"

My favourite characters from Star Wars (OT or GTFO!) when i was kid were (and still are) Han and Chewie. As an adult i get that they represent the seedy yet charming underbelly of the star wars universe. As a kid i just figured nobody's cooler than the wise cracking guy with the quick trigger finger and his pet sasquatch.

And their ride was a big part of the appeal. Its conventionally ugly yet, thanks to being an integral part to several key scenes from the movie (i still resent Lando flying the falcon in the ending to ROTJ) it still shines in a franchise filled with cool vehicle designs.

I passed on the midi scale falcon when it initially came out but the midi scale star destroyer, which i recently picked up really convinced me to track down the falcon.

Like the star destroyer, the midi scale does a good job of using moderate amount of bricks to not only make the falcon recognizable but also intricate enough to show off some detailing. Plus, compared to the star destroyer, the falcon's a less monotonous build with its assymmetrical design and colour variations. There's even some leeway at this scale to muck around with the arrangement of the 'gribble'.

Only negative to the set (besides the fact the midi scale being discontinued) is that now i'm jonesing for a larger version of the falcon.

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