Monday, November 05, 2012

Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe)

My last MP was convoy 2.0 (i passed up on the new seeker mold, i've already bought the previous mold 4 times over - including the original greenscream) so i was really looking forward to this guy.

Now that i have him...i'm a bit underwhelmed, to be honest. Couple'a things:
- G1 sideswipe was my absolute fave autobot car. He had a great looking robot mode and he turns into a lamborghini countach. And he was RED. So my expectations were HIGH.
- i was pretty ready for the fact that he was going to be small. Actually, i don't mind the size, its the lack of heft that bothers me. Even alternity bumblebee felt more substantial.
- i chalked up my convoy 2.0's poor QC (side panel paint finish was scuffed out of the box) to bad luck, after all, i've been buying MP's since the 1st one and they've all been decent to excellent. But with MP lambor thats 2 MP toys in a row i've had issues with. one of the door panels on my MP lambor has uneven paint. Its not immediately noticeable but considering its the part where it intersects with different material (solid plastic interfacing with clear plastic) the variation in shade between the two makes the error even more glaring.

Now that we've gotten pass the bad, the good news is that its a really good toy. The car mode looks great, the transformation is engaging without being overly complicated (my instructions are still sealed. I had more trouble with deluxe FE cliffjumper) and the robot mode is pretty fun to mess with. Some things to note:
- the use of plastic for the tyres, as opposed to customary rubber, is a design issue, not due to cost cutting. Theres this step where you fold the front wheels and it practically snaps in place, rubbing against the, uh, bodywork that encloses the wheel? Yeah. Theres just no clearance for rubber which is less robust and tendency to expand.
- accuracy be damn, but it'd be cool if they replaced the silver colored parts (gun, feet, wheels) with chrome finish. I know reds already a striking colour but chrome would give lambor some extra pop in either mode.
- its nice of takatomy to try and integrate the weapons in car mode. But sticking an ungainly, oversized cannon on top of a slick italian supercar is DUMB. I bet that mister lamborghini guy is rolling in his grave right now, wildly gesticulating 'AAAYY TA-KAAARA, WHY YOU-A DOO DEES TO MAH BEYOOTIFUL KOONTACH?!!'

G1 sideswipe can finally pose like his box art!


The Rebel said...

Nice! Love the robot form as well as the alternate form. Wish I have the moolah to start collecting these fine Masterpiece TFs. I only have deluxe sized Henkei/United/Generations TFs (Geewuns only) in my feeble TF collection......

K.A. said...

This has been the least priciest of the japanese MP series. Worth a look into without getting into the rest of the line. Tip: try to buy where they allow u to inspect the box content before purchasing (due to aforementioned paint issues), most shops allow that if u ask nicely.