Friday, November 16, 2012

Shell's lego ferrari exclusives


Shell is currently running a lego/ferrari promotion. Buying their engine oil gets you a couple'o ferrari-themed mini figures, filling up gives you a chance to buy a bunch of li'l lego ferraris.

I have never been so excited to fill up at a gas station in all my life.

Its not that i'm even a big fan of ferrari but how else do you get to buy a lego set at the price of a frappe? Anyways, i'm only interested in the cars (i think they're made from lego's racer series parts), they've got pull back motors and i was pleasantly surprised theres quite a bit of parts than expected.

They're comprised of 2 waves; the 2nd is due later this month but in the meantime here's wave 1 made up of the f150, the 458 italia and my personal fave, 250 GT berlinetta (i like retro designs). Some stickers need to be applied; with the f150 you actually get two sets for the car number - numbers 5 and 6 (along with 2 color choices for the drivers helmet) which should please F1 fans. The parts aren't quite spot on (with the 458's hood and roof looking like reused racer parts, only the 250's hood and bonnet looks like its unique to the set...MAYBE) but the designers do a decent job of creating good representation of these ferrari marquees. Bring on wave 2!

Edit: my bad, seems the parts are entirely reused from Pixar Cars series (good thing i got over my hot wheels jones awhile back with the 1st Cars movie, otherwise might be tempted to start collecting the damn things).


Wave 2 consist of the FXX, F40 and Scuderia truck. The FXX is pretty cool with its abundance of parts for its size. I suppose the F40 in white with racing livery/decals is there for variety in terms of colors and details. The scuderia truck is a great complement to the F150 (tho honestly i find it kinda 'meh'. Wouldnt mind if they gave us yet another car, like Magnum PI's 308 GTS for instance, thats a classic).

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