Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Desperately Seeking Steve

Finally found the bastard: RID version of TFP Vehicon. While i've passed up the FE version a few times (which itself was hard to find initially) its been ages since RID Vehicon (aka Steve the drone, as he's affectionately named by TFP fans) was initially released. To be honest i could've just went with specialty shop/online if i REALLY wanted to but i still enjoy actually finding things at retail. Anyways, i waited out this version because its significantly better than the FE version with its substantial back kibble. And this version has a really cool transformation where the whole length of the top of the car mode somehow collapses into the legs in robot mode.


While i've supposedly call it quits with 3-3/4" scale, i still pick up the occasional cool looking figure. They've released hulk previously in the same line (i think) but i didn't like the earlier version's face sculpt: too skinny/gaunt. This one hits the spot for me. Looks more definitive/old school. And reminds me of my favourite version of the character as a toy: the 8" mego version. I miss me some Twisted Toyfare Theatre.


Really digging lego currently, a couple'o MOCs i cooked up:

Minituarization: complete. Adorability: imminent.

Just occured to me now i need to track down a minifig crown. ME GRIMLOCK KING KNOW ALL ABOUT RUBBING BLIND PACKS.

Aaaaand a microscale shophouse street. I really wanted to do something more complex but looks like i need to build up my inventory with more same coloured bricks.

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