Monday, December 24, 2012

Lego cubedude MOCs

Was messing around with lego, MOCing it up (you know how i do) and ended up making some cubedudes. Don't miss the bonus character at the bottom...


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A californian DJ/MC wannabe. Loves enery drinks, a ciggie permanently hanging from his lips. A sarcastic skeptic but always there to help a buddy out.


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Tracie is a ditzy shopping mall nail artist. A midwesterner, she loves coffee and talks non-stop (because she's afraid people will realize she's got nothing to say). Has a huge crush on joseph gordon levitt.


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Sinead is is a transplanted londoner but scotland-born. Foreign correspondent writer for 3rd rate arts and culture webzine. Raging feminist but sleeps with everybody (for research on a book she's working on - its on its 7th draft). Secretly a romantic.


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Sports nut and health junkie. Claims he's from brooklyn but actually from new jersey. Goes into withdrawal when misses a gym session. Randomly proclaims "ball always tell the truth!"

Bonus Character: ACKBAR

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A mon calamarian with rank of authority...who nobody listens to. Placed there because mon mothma decided thats where he'll do the least damage when he screws up as usual, mothership Home One's on autopilot anyway. Inability to repel firepower of any magnitude and announce traps once they've been sprung, generally a ne'er do well, glorified town crier.

...ITS A TRAP! (gotcha)

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