Thursday, December 06, 2012

Lego Star Wars Exhibit at Bangsar Village II (2011)

BV2 (the local shopping mall) is having its end of year lego event as usual and thought i'd repost pics from my FB, last years show which included an all Star Wars gallery by the Thai Lego group (excuse the crappy phone pics, i'll see if i can find better pics of these on the net).

Theres a few dioramas representing iconic moments from the movies, what i've captured are vignettes but really, the scope of the builds are much more expansive, each scene built on at least two 4'x4' tables/aisle.

First up is Mos Eisley. Shown here is an exterior scene (note bantha on the left) but theres also an interior layout of the cantina and boba fett's slave 1 parked in a hangar.

Next is the Hoth battle scene. The whole thing stretches up to 3-4 tables and includes the snow plain battle and interiors of echo base itself with the millenium falcon prepping for escape.

Here we have the Death Star hangar from ROTJ. Cool thing about the exhibit was it was in a enclosed room with black curtains draped on all sides of the room. So when they played The Imperial March over the PA system (the movie score was on loop throughout the show) this diorama was easily the most atmospheric despite the apparent simple build when compared to the rest on display.

Also from ROTJ is the Endor battle scene, which includes the shield generator, landing platform and an at-at. Pretty cool diorama in spite of frickin ewoks.

Another scene based on Tattooine but this time from the PT, the pod race arena from TPM. Yippee! *slits wrist*

And lastly, the ground battle between the trade federation droid army against the then minty new clone army of the republic from AOTC.

Outside the exhibit hall was a lego play area for kids, selected participants get to group build a 8' tall R2D2 over the course of the event.

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