Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Transformers-themed Lego Microscale

So i was looking up more lego star wars mini vehicles to add to the collection when i stumbled upon a whole subculture to brick building: microscale. Excuse the mixing of metaphors but this might be the straw that opens the camels floodgates for me and lego collecting.

See, i've always had a thing for miniaturized designs, evident by my worlds smallest transformers collection and star wars action fleet series. They take up less space and display well within a small storage footprint. So the fact that i can use a small amount of bricks to construct a decently cool looking diorama appeals to my inner cheapskate.

So i got me a medium size set with the colors i was looking for, plus some of my kid's lego that was lying around and these are what i came up with:

First up is a little diorama of the ark at mt. St. Hillary, from the g1 cartoon. The autobots crashed on a earth and their ship got stuck to the side of a mountain and as dumb as that sounds it made for a cool, iconic base. Probably 3rd behind MOTUs castle grayskull and MASKs boulder hill when it comes to good guys HQ.

Next is the ark itself, pre-crashing on earth. I just worked from memory/mental image so theres a bit of artistic license to the design (in fact, even g1 cartoon and comics design didnt match with the former being more curvy and the latter, more blocky). Cool thing is you can make the front section disengage (see exploded parts view) like ultra magnus' shuttle in the movie!

Lastly is a cybertronian (transformers planet of origin) streetscape. The design started out with the bridge and chasm. After adding towers and spires it was just adding gribble (greeble?) to give detail and suggest scale.


Dan Sheehan said...

Love it man. You have already really done a great job with micro scale. Excellent execution for your first attempts. I really look forward to seeing what you do next man. You've inspired me to start working on my own micro scale stuff.

K.A. said...

Thx, ive been browsing archive for days, great source for inspiration. I'll definitely revisit the cybertron streetscape again, dont think i quite nailed n in any case always room for improvement.