Monday, December 30, 2013

Retro Recap: Robotcon 2007

Was looking at my posts labelled 'events' and just noticed I never posted these on this blog itself (despite posting them over at discussion boards), so here goes:

The last weekend of June, 2007, Malaysia had its 1st ever TF convention/event: Robotcon 2007 - thanks to (the local TF community) and Hasbro/UIP (who are doing it to market the premiere of the 1st movie by Bay) together with a buncha co-sponsors. Here's the setup at Cineleisure Mall's main foyer:

 photo robotcon1.jpg

And this was displayed just outside the main entrance:

 photo robotcon33.jpg

The event was held over 3 days, launched on a Friday, had a fan gathering with activities on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. The exhibition took up 2 areas around the Cineleisure Mall:

- Ground floor, where they had sponsors booth, a stage, and showed non-stop screening of the movie promos.
- Lower ground, where there was a toy exhibition, plus a booth selling convention swag.

Pics taken at the ground floor:

People crowding around the screening:

 photo robotcon2.jpg

 photo robotcon3.jpg

 photo robotcon4.jpg

This was where they had activities like a toy auction, TF transforming competition, etc.

Lower ground entrance to exhibit:

 photo robotcon5.jpg

Optimus Prime 6' statue display:

 photo robotcon6.jpg

Local Hasbro brought in a buncha these, even using one for a nationwide competition where the lucky bugger will get to bring back this sumbitch home.

 photo robotcon34.jpg

Goodies booth:

 photo robotcon32.jpg

 photo robotcon31.jpg

Toy display:

 photo robotcon7.jpg

 photo robotcon8.jpg

Japanese G1 TFs:

 photo robotcon9.jpg

Movie toys:

 photo robotcon10.jpg

Custom Lego TFs by Transmy member Alan Yap, Predacons:

 photo robotcon11.jpg

Lego Predaking:

 photo robotcon14.jpg

Lego Devastator (in yellow):

 photo robotcon12.jpg

 photo robotcon13.jpg

Masterpieces and Binaltechs/Alternators

 photo robotcon15.jpg

Customs by Transmy's Ryukaze:

 photo robotcon16.jpg

Beast Wars stuff:

 photo robotcon17.jpg

Transforming Nikes from Takatomy's Sports Label line:

 photo robotcon18.jpg

God Ginrai(s):

 photo robotcon19.jpg

G1 Combiners:

 photo robotcon20.jpg

G2 Transformers:

 photo robotcon21.jpg

The gathering featured a lucky draw where Transmy members won some TFs, including custom works by Ryukaze. Kudos Ryu!

More Beast Wars TFs:

 photo robotcon22.jpg

 photo robotcon23.jpg

TFs from the Cybertron line:

 photo robotcon24.jpg

Unicron (Armada) and Primus (TF: Cybertron)

 photo robotcon25.jpg

RID/Car Robots:

 photo robotcon26.jpg

Stuff from Armada:

 photo robotcon27.jpg

More stuff from TF: Cybertron:

 photo robotcon28.jpg

 photo robotcon29.jpg


 photo robotcon30.jpg

Monday, December 23, 2013

Bangsar Village's Christmas 2013 Lego Exhibit

 photo 0A970F4D-96B6-48A2-B515-EC8EA20975B9.jpg

Come december, bangsar village always does something cool with lego. This year they did up the pedestrian bridge with stickers to make it look like lego bricks. They've also put up christmas ornaments actually made with lego parts (snowflakes using plates, wreaths using lego leaves).

 photo CBAE57F3-3B22-482C-971E-C932CD00A87C.jpg

 photo 35923B80-62F9-4BF2-8B23-E008EB755CC3.jpg

 photo 0953EC3F-A739-45B9-A32A-0FA46903DD9C.jpg

There's the usual year end lego sale and the exhibit featured these styrene-made displays:

 photo 232A7633-C982-42D6-A649-407EABD8107E.jpg

 photo A8B9D7EB-BEAB-401A-B905-AF58CD22CF30.jpg

There's a few display aisles with dioramas made by the local LUG (lego user group), the centrepiece being this cool winter scene, complete with motorized train set:

 photo 9B116913-8C34-4DF9-9BC9-1B42C181132B.jpg

 photo 6E4A838E-6051-4B66-8D4E-CC47130131D5.jpg

 photo 372620DF-68D4-4D1E-AFAD-AF73D605DC8C.jpg

 photo B798D77F-806F-4E74-A43D-4FC438D98119.jpg

A couple'o licensed stuff on display; TMNT sets combined into a giant playset...

 photo E2343E47-E70A-4F52-B145-A04C4F9284B7.jpg

...batman display, inspired from the nolan movies...

 photo 4F2D7D15-612E-4B0B-9EF0-217EEDACEAB8.jpg

...and this clever little star wars scene.

 photo A5F967E5-08DE-49C3-8D24-35CD8B48C83C.jpg

Play it again, darth.

 photo 6C198B22-9F0E-401A-A2CF-D658FF4B8C3C.jpg

Lastly, sets and MOCs from lego's own themes; lego SPACE:

 photo D8AD6E17-D729-4B9C-BD90-05D10FD08831.jpg

Lego CITY:

 photo 941A27AD-EA88-408C-9E81-6DC6DEBE678C.jpg

Check out the little dioramas based on lego's popular blind-packed minifigure series here:

 photo 2BCA55E1-970C-4347-832A-9FD63A5F4F97.jpg

I suppose these fall under the CREATOR theme, though the house with a lake looks entirely fan made:

 photo 5D0A8B48-14C2-46A1-90CE-378F0536D36E.jpg

 photo D381819B-1771-49DC-8A02-D1AA33AEEF64.jpg

And lastly, these CASTLE based scenes:

 photo 7E28C43F-B510-4E7A-A9A9-3D663A22A0F5.jpg

 photo A1DEF8B0-B086-45E4-9C9B-FF7DA69B160F.jpg