Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pre-CNY Haul: MP Soundwave, FOC Magnus, G1 Minibots


He's out! A full sized masterpiece figure, at last.

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Dont get me wrong: i really liked sideswipe but for the MP line his size was underwhelming. I'm still feeling this toy out but quick 1st impression:

This is a gorgeous toy. Soundwave was always one of the coolest looking - if not THE coolest looking toy from that 1st wave of TF toys and he looks great here. The proportion, the details, the colors (the gold accents in particular look sharp) are spot on.

I've never really cared for his tape deck mode but its surprisingly fiddleable here. The on/off switch toggles, the volume control scrolls (sorta) and the forward/rewind buttons are...pressable? The earphone jack looks realistic. The whole think is still ridiculously too chunky for a walkman tho.

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But the best feature is laserbeak, he's just...fantastic. Still the same size as the original in tape mode but incredibly cartoon accurate in robot mode. His boosters are now integrated, he even has his spy camera built into his head. So much detail in such a small package.


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I got prime in the same mold previously due to the retailer including it in a set (hes still MOC) so i've been looking forward this guy. Doesnt dissapoint looks wise but the limbs on mine are a bit loose and not fun for posing (which is supposed to be the mold's strong suite compared to WFC prime mold). Might still warm up to him, could just be the MP soundwave afterglow.


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Got these guys along with pipes and outback (and either my 3rd or 4th G1 bumblebee) and with whirl being my last G1 buy i might have completed my cast of the lost light crew from IDW's MTMTE series (sans a G1 version of drift), lemme check...

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...YUP :D

Character MOCs: the terminator, star wars and...guns n' roses?

Couple'o more lego characters before an all TF post:


Or more accurately cyberdyne system t-800 cyborg endoskeleton. I did a skull design before with bludgeon so that was the starting point. Found a curved piece for the chest and the build really grew from that.

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A friend referenced 'you could be mine' (from T2 even!) and this is where i got the idea. I've been a fan since listening to Appetite for Destruction which came out when i was 14 - at that point i wanted to grow up to become axl. Never saw em together but did catch slash when he came to KL with his band in...'10 i think.

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Chibi chewie! I did ackbar when i started MOCing characters, surprised it took this long to do more SW related builds. Protip: SW related pics will get you gazillion more views (okay, more like 10 times actually) on flickr than non-SW pics. The force is strong with flickr.

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I already did slimer, so i thought, master jedi here would be a piece of cake. WRONG. His head was tough to put down, and i put that tan piece across the waist because it was the only tan piece i had (tan being the correct color for his robe). Maybe if i built him hunched over. The walking stick was a nice find tho.

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And since i still had that peanuts build from earlier, i just had to do this:

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Saturday Morning MOC


Another ghostbuster-based MOC, i based this off the less gross, more fun cartoon version. 80s cartoons had a whole bunch of annoying sidekicks, slimer may not be as cute as snarf but he was prolly more useful than orko.

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Bright lights! Bright lights! The original mogwai here started out with the eyes. I did the bug eyes before in my 1st batch of MOC characters and doing slimer reminded me of this guy, another monster/creature from the same era, amongst a slew of animatronic puppets from the 80s.

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I know he's lame and a total sell out these days but i loved ol' fat cat here as a kid. Older me hangs on to the great trilogy of cartoon strips (calvin and hobbes, the far side, peanuts) but this was the 1st cartoon strip i really liked (had the book collection and soft toy to show for it, I still associate A WOP BOP A LOO BOP with OM OM OM from that cartoon where they chuck the car in the volcano). Adult me probably got the jadedness and cynicism from this guy. Not to mention the appetite for italian food.

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Tried a different approach here and mimicked the 2D effect of the cartoon. The pallette was easy but woodstock's profile was damn tough to nail down.

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And since i already did snoopy, tried my hand at his zamboni. This time i went the 3D route. Had to rebuild snoopy of course, and i wanted to make the zamboni look more interesting so i took some liberties with the shape and details.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More character MOCs (and some botshots)

Been awhile since a TF related update, here's a couple'o botshots i found while shopping for my kid's stationery at tesco. Botshooooots.


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Been waiting on powerglide ever since he was previewed with jetfire - mostly cars, we dont get a lot of autobot planes. Plus, ive always been a fan of the a-10 tank killer alt mode. AND AWAY WE GO. Skywarp was a gimme since i already have the 1st 2 seekers. They gave skywarp's head a weird dark purple color tho (to break up all the black i guess) so ol' thundercracker's still the best looking of the 3 (coincidentally MP thundercracker's on the shelves currently and he's looking mighty fine. Tempting, even when i have the previous mold with the hip kibble).


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This guy's actually pretty bland - they even omitted his red stripes in alt mode - but that head sculpt's pretty hard to pass up. He's always been good looking robit, Jazz, you handsome devil, you.


I did another TF pretender previously (longtooth) so i thought i'd take a crack at this guy. Recently bought a bagged lego turkey and it helped with some key pieces. Pretty proud of the head. Bit of cheating tho; no glue but the 'skull' is held in place by traction.

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Started of with the curved sloped white pieces, "this'd make great rabbit ears, HMM" and having just done bludgeon - who's also a samurai, remembered this guy despite being kinda obscured. Head was a biyatch to pin down tho and even looking at it now i'm like 'ehhhh'.

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These guys are my favourite characters from cartoon TMNT so it was just a matter of time and inspiration till i get to these guys. Tried a few pieces for, uh, the rhino guy's horn (i always confuse the two) and finally settled with the 1x3 wedge thingie. Started out with the boar guy's shades but what really clicked for me was the part i used for his snout/nose ring - very happy with that.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy new year! (some movie/tv based lego MOCs)

I actually did this on new years eve itself (2013 already? Ho hum) but its been a bit hectic around the house what with my oldest going to a new pre-school and and my youngest discovering 'running', so here's a couple of MOC vehicles to kick off january:


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Loved the ghostbusters movies as a kid and always wanted to own some real ghostbusters toys (never found em in stores back in the day) but, i did make some real ghostbusters toys out of lego as a kid, including a minifig scaled ecto-1 and some of the ghost/monsters. I made an ex-cop out of window shutters - basically drawing the police uniform on the shutters itself and drawing a skeleton on the inside. Heh heh, good times.


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Heymcflywhydontyoumakelikeatree andgetoutofhere thisisheavy whatsamattermcflychicken ithinkhestolehiswallet itsyourkidsmarty youaremydensity whosthepresident oftheunitedstates hahtheactor whereweregoingwewontneedroads youreaslackermcfly justlikeyourdad yourejusttoodarnloud.


I love it when bricks come together.

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A buddy from UK once sent me a mr. T shirt ('aint gettin on no plane') and my trip to london in '06 i got a die cast collectible of the van and a mr.t talking thingie that went 'got no time for yo jibba jabba' - i swear the a-team was a product of england.


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I actually used to have a die cast collectible (as in not that corgi/majorette scaled stuff, it was bigger and the box inner even had this little diorama thing going on). I cant recall much of the show really since this was before stuff like macgyver and knight rider came out - but hey, what self respecting 8 year old kid could resist a red 'sports' car with go-faster stripes?