Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More character MOCs (and some botshots)

Been awhile since a TF related update, here's a couple'o botshots i found while shopping for my kid's stationery at tesco. Botshooooots.


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Been waiting on powerglide ever since he was previewed with jetfire - mostly cars, we dont get a lot of autobot planes. Plus, ive always been a fan of the a-10 tank killer alt mode. AND AWAY WE GO. Skywarp was a gimme since i already have the 1st 2 seekers. They gave skywarp's head a weird dark purple color tho (to break up all the black i guess) so ol' thundercracker's still the best looking of the 3 (coincidentally MP thundercracker's on the shelves currently and he's looking mighty fine. Tempting, even when i have the previous mold with the hip kibble).


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This guy's actually pretty bland - they even omitted his red stripes in alt mode - but that head sculpt's pretty hard to pass up. He's always been good looking robit, Jazz, you handsome devil, you.


I did another TF pretender previously (longtooth) so i thought i'd take a crack at this guy. Recently bought a bagged lego turkey and it helped with some key pieces. Pretty proud of the head. Bit of cheating tho; no glue but the 'skull' is held in place by traction.

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Started of with the curved sloped white pieces, "this'd make great rabbit ears, HMM" and having just done bludgeon - who's also a samurai, remembered this guy despite being kinda obscured. Head was a biyatch to pin down tho and even looking at it now i'm like 'ehhhh'.

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These guys are my favourite characters from cartoon TMNT so it was just a matter of time and inspiration till i get to these guys. Tried a few pieces for, uh, the rhino guy's horn (i always confuse the two) and finally settled with the 1x3 wedge thingie. Started out with the boar guy's shades but what really clicked for me was the part i used for his snout/nose ring - very happy with that.

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