Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pre-CNY Haul: MP Soundwave, FOC Magnus, G1 Minibots


He's out! A full sized masterpiece figure, at last.

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Dont get me wrong: i really liked sideswipe but for the MP line his size was underwhelming. I'm still feeling this toy out but quick 1st impression:

This is a gorgeous toy. Soundwave was always one of the coolest looking - if not THE coolest looking toy from that 1st wave of TF toys and he looks great here. The proportion, the details, the colors (the gold accents in particular look sharp) are spot on.

I've never really cared for his tape deck mode but its surprisingly fiddleable here. The on/off switch toggles, the volume control scrolls (sorta) and the forward/rewind buttons are...pressable? The earphone jack looks realistic. The whole think is still ridiculously too chunky for a walkman tho.

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But the best feature is laserbeak, he's just...fantastic. Still the same size as the original in tape mode but incredibly cartoon accurate in robot mode. His boosters are now integrated, he even has his spy camera built into his head. So much detail in such a small package.


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I got prime in the same mold previously due to the retailer including it in a set (hes still MOC) so i've been looking forward this guy. Doesnt dissapoint looks wise but the limbs on mine are a bit loose and not fun for posing (which is supposed to be the mold's strong suite compared to WFC prime mold). Might still warm up to him, could just be the MP soundwave afterglow.


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Got these guys along with pipes and outback (and either my 3rd or 4th G1 bumblebee) and with whirl being my last G1 buy i might have completed my cast of the lost light crew from IDW's MTMTE series (sans a G1 version of drift), lemme check...

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...YUP :D

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