Monday, March 11, 2013

Couple'o TF Group Pics

Hey guys, look! An actual TF related post!

I've actually been keeping up with robits, but i've been putting off opening em. I've 3 deluxe FOCs unopened and amongst the half dozen GDO Asian (so called) Exclusives i've only opened Springer. Lego is just much more fun currently. Anyways, was sorting stuff and found some time to take some group pics.


TF comics are generally mediocre when it comes to writing (i'm being real here: 'Uncle' Bob and Furman did a good job of making stories based on children's toys credible, but they're not actually great writers when you consider the medium as a whole) but IDW's MTMTE has been surprisingly great in that aspect. Its full of fun dialogue, interesting take on characters and full of unexpected plot twist. And the best part is the writer (James Roberts) came out of nowhere and is really making his mark with 2nd to 3rd tier characters; thats right - no Prime/Bumblebee/Megatron/Starscream.

The cast remind me of season 2 of the G1 cartoon, with its cast of idiosnycratic characters - neurotic even. A couple of guys are absent (in storage) but here are my favourite characters from, as dubbed by Swerve, 'Knight Quest':

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IDW also brought back the Wreckers (think of em as the dirty dozen of Autobots) into the spotlight with their 'Last Stand' mini series and it looks like Impactor (who 1st appeared in the UK comics back in the 80s) will finally get a toy (even if it is a repaint of FOC Onslaught). Here's a shot of the original Wreckers team as they 1st appeared in 'Operation Volcano', featuring Springer (who joined in a 2nd wave of inductees with his triple changer brothers Broadside and Sandstorm):

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'07 by Michael Bay? Pfft. '86 for the win! :P With the exception of Gnaw apparently. Still need to get that guy but he's such a fugly lil sucker and Ebay prices are ridiculous.

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I really should get around completing these guys. Great overall colour scheme with varied designs. I used to hate post movie toys but i've grown to appreciate the gimmicks and design theme. Also, i'm sure some of you guys are looking forward to the Fort Max reissue, coming out soon. I'll stick to my vintage but i gotta say, that ginormous G1 box is miiighty tempting.

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Also, finally got around to messing with these guys, from the Botcon 2011 set. Which gave us (besides turning Drag Strip into a fembot) not one, but two characters with facial hair. Moustachioed robits!

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Anonymous said...

Not sure I realized G1 Galvy was so tall before.

Also I have been on the fence about grabbing one of those reissue Magnus, this might have just pushed me over the edge.

K.A. said...

go fer it. just think of magnus as prime in big boy pants.